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Barracuda Cloud Control

Password Complexity Policies

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Note that password complexity policies described in this article apply to passwords created and stored within the Barracuda Cloud Control system.

These rules do not apply if your organization is using LDAP or Microsoft Entra ID authentication to store and administer Barracuda Cloud Control user accounts.

For your security, Barracuda Cloud Control enforces the following password complexity policies. Take the following information into account when creating or changing a Barracuda Cloud Control password.

Barracuda Cloud Control passwords must:

  • Contain a minimum of 8 characters
  • Contain a maximum of 72 characters
  • Not appear on Barracuda Networks' list of 10,000 most common passwords
  • Pass a complexity test that compares against criteria including:
    • 30,000 common passwords
    • Common names and surnames, according to U.S. census data
    • Popular English words obtained from Wikipedia, U.S. television, and U.S. movies
    • Common patterns, including
      • Dates
      • Repeats (aaa)
      • Sequences (abcd)
      • Keyboard patterns (qwerty uiop)
      • l33t speak (leet speak)

Barracuda Cloud Control password and lockout policies:

  • No minimum or maximum password age.
  • After 6 failed login attempts, the account will be locked out. 
  • A locked-out account remains locked for 60 minutes the first time an account is locked. 
  • No account password reset is required after the lockout duration of 60 minutes has passed.