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Barracuda Cloud Control

Barracuda User Community

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Use the Barracuda User Community to access product and general forums where you can discuss issues, ask questions, share solutions, and contribute product enhancement ideas.

If you are new to the Barracuda User Community, review the Product Forum Posting Rules at the end of this article.

Access Barracuda User Community

To access the Barracuda User Community:

  1. Log in to your Barracuda Cloud Control account.

    If you do not have an account, follow the steps in the article Create a Barracuda Cloud Control Account before proceeding.

  2. At the top of the page, by your user name, click Community:
  3. The User Community page displays. From this view you can:
    • Search topics by product
    • Access product forums
    • View recent posts and comments
    • Vote on product suggestions

User Community Page

The following table describes the different actions you can take on the User Community page:


Search across all products and services, or select a specific forum in which to search for discussions and solutions. Begin typing in the Search field; matching content displays as you type. For more information, see the Search Options section later in this article.

Choose a product

Select the forum you want to view from the following categories:

  • Security
  • Networking
  • Data Protection
  • Cloud Services
  • General Questions
  • Barracuda University
  • Forum Feedback
  • Security Updates
  • Barracuda Experience
  • Forum Rules



Click to view recent posts across all products and services.



Click PMs to access your private messages:

  • Create a new message to send to one or more specified recipients
  • Send a new message as an invitation to specified recipients to participate in a single conversation
  • Send a new message as a copy which sends a separate conversation to each recipient
  • Manage private messages
  • Store up to 50 messages
  • Search messages
Recent Posts

Lists the last four forum posts:

  • New Post – Click to select a product or service forum where you can then create a new topic
  • View More – Click to view the last 50 most recent posts
Noteworthy Topics

Displays the four top viewed posts:

  • View More – Click to view the top 50 viewed posts
Vote on
Product Suggestions

Displays the top four most popular product suggestions:

  • View More – Click to see the 50 most popular product suggestions
  • I like this – Click to vote for a product suggestion
  • Click on a product suggestion title to go to the topic in the forum

Member Name

  1. Click Update Info in the member information section to edit your profile settings:
  2. The My Profile page displays. Click the Edit (EditIcon.png) icon next to your name to modify your profile name:
    After changing your name, click the green check to accept the new name or the red x to cancel the change, as shown here.

Product Notifications

Select the notifications you want to receive from Barracuda by product and service, including:

  • Product / Service Announcements
  • Firmware Releases
  • All Forum Topics

To select notifications,

  1. Click Manage Notifications in the member information section:
  2.  In the Manage Notifications page, select the notifications you want to receive by product:
    • Product/Service Announcements – General product announcements
    • Firmware Releases – New firmware availability announcements
    • All Forum Topics – All announcements in the forum
  3. For example, you may want to receive notifications whenever there is a product announcement for Barracuda Backup or Barracuda Message Archiver, and receive a notification for all Barracuda Message Archiver Forum topics:
  4. Click Save to save your selections. Once enabled, notifications for the selected categories are emailed to your member email address.

Historical Notifications

To view all past notifications for a particular product,

  1. Log in and click Community on the top banner next to your name. The User Community page displays.
  2. Click on the desired product to go to the Forum page for that product.
  3. The Subforums section displays historical notifications:
    • Feature Requests
    • Firmware Release Announcements
    • Product Announcements
  4. Click on the desired category to view a table of all historical notifications.

Product Forums

Once you log into your Barracuda Customer account, you can begin participating in product forums. You can access posts across all products and services, or select a specific product forum in which to view discussions and solutions, and add your own posts.

Click on a product name to access the product-specific forums. The product forum displays historical notifications for Feature Requests, Firmware Release Announcements, and Product Announcements section, followed by a table of topics. By default, the table displays recently updated topics.

Customize Table Display

You can sort the table of topics in the following ways:

  • Recently Updated
  • Start Date
  • Most Replies
  • Most Viewed
  • Custom
  • Show un/answered

If you select Custom, you can further customize how the table displays, including:

  • Show topic type
    • All Topics
    • Open
    • Hot
    • Polls
    • Locked
    • Moved
    • Topics I Started
    • Topics I replied In
  • Sort by
    • Last Post
    • Last Poster
    • Topic Title
    • Topic Starter
    • Topic Started
    • Attachments
    • Replies
    • Views
  • Sort direction
    • Descending (Z-A)
    • Ascending (A-Z)
  • Time frame
    • Show All
    • Last n days
    • Since Last Visit

Once you specify your custom settings, you can select the Remember filters checkbox to remember these settings. Click Update Filter to update the table with these filter settings.

Product Forum Actions

Once in a product forum, you can take the following actions from the Forum toolbar:


ViewNewContent.pngClick View New Content to view only new content for the selected product.

From within a forum, click to open the Quick Navigation dialog box.

Click Forums to view all available forums by product:

Click Community to jump to one of the following pages:


  • View New Content
  • Users Online
  • Registered Members
  • Member Status Updates
message.pngFrom within a forum, click Messenger to access your private messages (PMs). You can select to view all messages, or compose a new message.

From within a forum, click to view all of your notifications; click Options to modify your notification preferences, including:

  • Privacy Settings
  • Topics & Posts
  • Status Updates
  • Profiles & Friends
  • Private Messages
  • Other Notifications
  • Members

After you have changed your preferences, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.


Click on your member name to add a comment, or edit your member settings:

  • My Profile – View your community statistics
  • My Content – View topics and posts by content type 
  • Manage Ignore Prefs – Select users you want to ignore by post, signature, and/or messages
  • My Settings – Change your profile settings including image, time zone, comments and visitor settings, profile information, and contact methods
  • Content | Flow – View content you follow
  • Personal Messenger – View your conversations

Search for a topic within the current forum. Enter a search topic, and then click the Search (BCCcommunity_13.png) icon to return all matching results.

You can also click the words This forum, to select areas to search:

  • This forum – Within the current forum only
  • Forums – Within all forums for all products
  • Members – Member roster
  • Help Files – Topics within the online help for community forums.

Click Follow this forum to receive notifications when there are additional topics or updates to the forum.


Displays the number of forum members.


Click Start New Topic to start a new topic in the current forum:

  • Enter the Topic Title
  • Enter up to 10 Topic Tags separated by commas
  • Enter topic content
  • Click Manage Topic Poll to add polling options
  • Turn on the desired Post Options:
    • Enable emoticons
    • Enable signature
    • Follow this topic
  • Post New Topic – Click to post the topic to the selected forum
  • Preview Post – Click to preview your post before adding it to the forum
  • Cancel – Click to close the topic without saving
Locked Topic

If the This topic is locked icon displays, the topic is locked and no additional posts can be added.


Search Options

You can search across all products and services, or select a specific forum in which to search for discussions and solutions.

The Search tool supports text-based strings and does not currently support wildcards or compound search strings.

To search posts across all products,

  1. Log into your Barracuda Customer account, and click the Community link on the top banner by your user name.
  2. Enter your search criteria in the Search field; a list of matching criteria displays dynamically as you type:
  3. Click on a title in the list to go directly to the topic discussion in the community forum.

If you prefer to search all forums, click Search to display all matching items.

Forum Tab

The User Community > Forum page displays when you click on a topic. You can complete the following actions when viewing a topic in the Forum tab:

BCCcommunity_04.pngClick Follow this topic, at the top level of the topic, to receive notifications when there are additional comments or updates to the topic.
followThisForum.pngClick Follow this forum, at the top level of the forum, to receive notifications when there are additional comments or updates to the forum.
BCCcommunity_03.pngView the number of members watching the selected topic.

Click MultiQuote to select multiple posts across multiple topics which you can then reply to all at once; not available on locked topics.

BCCcommunity_06.pngClick Quote to reply directly to the post; not available on locked topics.
BCCcommunity_07.pngClick Like This to like the post.
BCCcommunity_09.pngClick to Unlike a post.

Click Report to report a post that does not meet the product forum posting rules; not available on locked topics.

For more information, see Product Forum Posting Rules at the end of this article.


Click on the links to navigate back to the product page.

Click a post to read it. Within the post, you can follow the topic and reply to it. Click the Share (shareIcon.png) icon at the top of the post to share the post in a variety of ways:


Reply to a Post

To reply to a post,

  1. Click in the Reply to this topic field:
  2. Type your content, and click Post.
  3. Alternatively, you can click More Reply Options to add formatting, emoticons, a signature, or select to follow the topic. 

To share, recommend, print, download, or like a post, click on the desired icon at the bottom of the post. For example, click the Email icon (BCCcommunity_12.png) to share the post via email or the Print icon (printIcon.png) to print the post.

To view a member's profile, click on their image. Their profile displays in the Members tab.

Members Tab

Use the Members tab to view and search for forum members.

 To search for members

  1. Type the member's name in the Search field, and click the Search (BCCcommunity_13.png) icon.
  2. All matching members display. Select whether to sort by last update time or title, and then select either descending or ascending sort order.
  3. Click on a user name or image to view their profile. 

Within a member's profile, you can see basic information about them, their posts, topics, and likes. There is also a link to send them a private message.

Product-Specific Forums

Use the following steps to browse posts for a specific Barracuda Networks device or service:

  1. Log into your Barracuda Customer account, and click the Community link on the top banner by your user name.
  2. From the Choose a product list, scroll down to and click on the desired Barracuda Networks device or service, or you can select from other forums such as Barracuda University.
  3. Once you select your forum, the forum page displays the following information:
    • Subforums – historical device or service-related forums covering topics such as feature requests, and firmware releases, APIs, and product announcements.
    • Posts – displays a list of all posts related to the selected device or service
      • Use the navigation tools to move through multiple pages of posts
      • Mark this forum as read – Click to add a check mark to the currently selected post for your own tracking
      • Recently Updated – Click to display the most recently updated posts based on recently update
      • Start Date – Displays the date the topic was created
      • Most Replies – Displays the topic in order of most replies
      • Most Viewed – Displays topics in order of most viewed
      • Custom – Click to create your own topic filter:
        • Show topic type
        • Sort by
        • Sort direction
        • Time frame
      • A list of users currently browsing the selected forum displays at the bottom of the view.

Product Forum Posting Rules

Barracuda Networks encourages open communication between all forum users; however, there are some basic rules that everyone must follow:

  • No profanity, vulgar, or offensive language.
  • No personal attacks or libelous statements.
  • No references to unpublished internal components, systems, or processes related to Barracuda Networks or other vendors' products shall be used in any post.
  • Do not use the Barracuda Technical Forums as a channel for criticizing specific customer-Barracuda Networks interactions.
  • No impersonation of any person or entity – including impersonation of a Barracuda Networks official or forum leader or misrepresentation of your affiliation with a person, entity, or organization is allowed.
  • No discussion of illegal activities such as software and music piracy or other intellectual property violations is allowed.
  • Do not post messages that serve mostly or exclusively to drive forum members to the forums or web sites in which you have a stake. It is, however, acceptable to list your personal website URL in your profile and/or in your signature, as long as it is done discreetly.
  • Mirroring, reposting, or archiving the forums on any public web site is not permitted without the written permission of Barracuda Networks.
  • All active accounts MUST be associated with a valid and functional email address. Any accounts associated with email addresses that are found to not accept any emails, or are otherwise deemed to be faked or invalid in any way, will be disabled IMMEDIATELY.
  • These rules are subject to change. It is the user's responsibility to know and abide by them. 

Any posts that are discovered by or reported to Barracuda Networks as being in violation of these rules will be immediately removed from the forum. Barracuda Networks may, at its discretion, subsequently inform the author(s) of the offending post with the reason(s) for its removal.

It is the hope of Barracuda Networks that forum users will understand and comply with these rules to ensure that all users have a positive experience.

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