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Barracuda Cloud Control

Management Contexts

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There are three contexts you use to administer Barracuda Cloud Control and the connected products. These contexts include:

  • The Appliance Control Dashboard; for managing Barracuda Cloud Control configuration;
  • The Product Context; for managing an individual Barracuda Networks product using the product web interface;
  • The Group Context; for managing a group of the same type of Barracuda Networks products with one web interface, or for grouping products by company, location, or department.

When you have more than one of a Barracuda Networks product type connected to Barracuda Cloud Control, and you view the settings of all of them as a group (with one web interface), a yellow Exception (exception icon.png) icon displays if the value of the setting is not the same on all devices in the group. When you hover the mouse over the icon, Barracuda Cloud Control clearly indicates what the values for that setting are on each device, so that you can change the settings if desired.

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