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Barracuda Cloud Control

Understanding User Roles and Permissions

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Define your Barracuda Cloud Control privileges, and then set Barracuda Appliance Control user roles to restrict access to account views and connected devices.

To connect Barracuda Networks Products through Barracuda Appliance Control, a user must have User Management privileges in Barracuda Cloud Control, and the account administrator must enable Appliance Control under Product Entitlements for that user.

Barracuda Cloud Control Privileges

  • User Management – User can add, remove, and edit users on the Barracuda Cloud Control account.

Barracuda Appliance Control User Roles

If a user does not have User Management privileges, you can assign one of the following roles:

  • View Dashboard Only – The user can only view the Dashboard of connected Barracuda Networks devices.

  • View Reports, Logs, and Dashboard Only – The user can view reports, logs, and the Dashboard of connected Barracuda Networks devices.

    Note that this user will not be able to access Barracuda Cloud Protection Layer (CPL). The user must have Barracuda Appliance Control All Actions or Account Admin privileges to access CPL.

  • All Actions – The user can perform all actions except those related to other user management.

  • No Permissions By default a new user without User Management privileges on Barracuda Cloud Control is assigned the No Permissions user role. This user does not have access to any devices under Appliance Control.

  • Account Admin – The user has User Management privileges on Barracuda Cloud Control, can manage users, and connect and disconnect devices to Appliance Control.

If the user has User Management privileges, the user role is automatically set to Account Admin.

Barracuda Appliance Control Device Access

All devices connected to the account display in the Access  field. Select one or more devices to which the user has access. Note that Account Admins have access to all units on the account.

Barracuda Appliance Control Group Permissions

Add a user to a group to set device permissions based on the group settings.

Refer to How to Add a User Group.

Barracuda Appliance Control Effective Permissions

View effective user permissions based on the selected User Permissions and Group Permissions.