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Barracuda Cloud Control

How to Use the Audit Log

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All activity made in relation to Barracuda appliances connected to your Barracuda Cloud Control is listed in the Home > Admin > Audit Log page:

  • Time – Date and time of the action, displayed in local time.
  • Event Type – The type of event that occurred.
  • User – The email address associated with the account that took the action.
  • Target – The name or label given to the above account.
  • Details – Any additional information that might be associated with the action, such as the system name and serial number of a device that was attached to Barracuda Cloud Control.

Click a row to view Additional Details about the event. In addition to the User, Action (Event Type), Target, and Time information taken from the Audit Log, the Additional Details window, you see:

  • Field – The Field that was potentially modified during the event.
  • Previous Value – The original value of the Field.
  • New Value The new value of the Field, if it was changed.
  • Additional Details – Additional information about the Event.

In the Additional Details window, you can move through multiple events with the arrow buttons. When you have finished, click Close.


To specify the number of entries you want to display per page in the log:

  1. Select a value from the Show [#] entries list at the top, center of the Audit Log.
  2. The Audit Log updates based on your selection.
Searching the Audit Log

Search for items in the Audit Log with the Search box in the top right of the Audit Log. The search works automatically, while you are typing, displaying search results instantaneously. Click

Including User Login Events

User login events are frequent in Barracuda Cloud Control. To reduce the size of the Audit Log, you can choose whether you want to include them in the Audit Log. By default, they are included, but if you choose, clear the Include user login events checkbox at the top of the Audit Log.



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