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Barracuda Cloud Control

Account Administrator Actions

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Users with account administrator rights can take the following actions:

  • Add, modify, or remove users on the account (Home > Admin > Users)
  • Edit and View LDAP group members (Home > Admin > Groups)
  • View connected devices and services, update energize updates (Home > Admin > Services)
  • *View all invoices for the account including order number (Home > Admin > Invoices)
  • *View and update billing and shipping address and contact details, and modify payment method (Home > Admin > Billing and Shipping)
  • Set up LDAP Authentication to store and administer Barracuda Cloud Control user accounts via your organization's LDAP servers (Home > Admin > Options)
  • Specify whether multi-factor authentication (MFA) is required for all users on the account (Home > Admin > Options)
  • Select the default time zone for all users on the account (Home > Admin > Options)
  • View all login activity and system modifications (Home > Admin > Audit Log)
  • Purchase or start a 30-day free trial of Barracuda Essentials (Home > Admin > Barracuda Essentials)

* Invoices and Billing and Shipping tabs are only present if your account is linked to the Barracuda Ordering System (BOS) and if the user has billing privileges.

Add a User

Modify a User

To modify a user's account:

  1. Log into https://login.barracudanetworks.com/ as the account administrator.
  2. Click Home > Users; the Users page displays.
  3. Click on a username in the table; the User Details pane displays where you can modify:
    1. Name – Update the name to identify this user.
    2. Password – Click to send the user an email with instructions to update their password; you cannot modify the password in this way if you are using LDAP authentication.
    3. Starting Page – Select the product or page to display when the user signs in.
  4. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) options are based on whether MFA is required for all users on the Barracuda Cloud Control account. For more information, see How to Set Up and Manage Multi-Factor Authentication in Barracuda Cloud Control.
  5. Change user access Privileges; for more information, refer to Understanding User Roles and Permissions.
  6. Use the Product Entitlements section to change the subscribed to Barracuda Networks products and services that this user can access when they log into the account.
  7. Click Save User to update the user's account.

Remove a User

You must have at least one user attached to an account. Once the last user is removed, the account is permanently unavailable.

Removing a user does not disable the user or delete them from Barracuda's authentication back end. The user's entitlements and privileges on the account are removed, and they no longer have access to any products or services on the account from which they were removed. The next time that user logs in, they are prompted to create or join an existing company account. Note that the account admin can deny a join request.

Note: To strictly control user access, consider integrating your company's LDAP authentication with Barracuda Cloud Control.

To remove a user:

  1. Log into https://login.barracudanetworks.com/ as the account administrator.
  2. Click Home > Users; the Users page displays.
  3. Click on the username you want to remove from the account.
  4. In the right pane, click Remove User.
  5. Click OK to confirm that you want to remove the user from the account; the user name is removed from the Users list.

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