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Barracuda Cloud Control

Barracuda Support Solutions and Tools

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Use the Barracuda Support link to search for solutions, contact support, manage support cases, access downloads and tools.

Access Barracuda Support Options

To access the Barracuda Support options page:

  1. Log into your account.

    If you do not have an account, follow the steps in the article Create a Barracuda Cloud Control Account before proceeding.

  2. At the top of the screen, click Support. The Support options page displays.
    From this view you can:
    • Search for solutions in the Barracuda Knowledgebase
    • View worldwide Barracuda Technical Support Office contact information
    • Create and view open support cases
    • Manage product serial numbers
    • Open the Barracuda Knowledgebase or the Barracuda Campus dashboard
    • Access product-specific tools and downloads

Find a Solution

  1. Select the desired product from the drop-down menu, then enter your search criteria.
  2. Click Search. All matching topics display.
  3. Click on a topic to view it in the right pane:


You can take the following actions when a solution displays:

Left Panel
BCCsupport_08.pngClick to view your search results topics.
BCCsupport_06.pngClick to view the most referenced solutions in the currently selected product.
BCCsupport_07.pngClick to view new and updated topics.
Right Panel

Click Email, enter the recipient email address, and click Send:


Click Print to print the solution to a local printer. 

BCCsupport_05.pngClick to let Barracuda know whether the solution was helpful.
Link to This PageCopy and paste the link address to link back to the solution.
Located at the bottom of the solution article. 

Get in Touch with Barracuda Support

Click on the Support Office you want to view:

Support Cases

You can create a support case, manage your appliance serial numbers, and view your open and closed cases.

New Case

Click the New Case tab or Create support case button to create a new support case. For detailed instructions on creating a support case, refer to How to Open a Support Case from Barracuda Cloud Control.

View Support Cases

Click the View support cases tab or View my support cases button to view all open and closed cases across all your devices. You can specify whether to View Closed Cases, and select to view Show All.

Manage Serials

To manage your appliance serial numbers, click the Manage serials tab or Manage Serials button. The Manage Serials table displays a list of all your connected products and associated support cases.

  • Search – Use the Search field to search for a specific product by product name or serial number.
  • Support Cases Click the link in the Support Cases column to view support cases for the selected product/serial number. 
  • Remove To remove a product from the list, click Remove to the right of the product. 
  • Manually Add a Device – To manually add a device to the table of serial numbers, enter the serial number, and click Add Device.

Click the Knowledgebase tab or the Solution Knowledgebase button to search the Barracuda Knowledgebase solutions library.

Click the Campus button on the Support > Home page to open the Barracuda Campus in a new tab.

Downloads and Licenses

  • Click the Downloads tab or the Access downloads for products button to search for available downloads by product.
  • Click the NextGen Firewall F licenses tab to download NextGen Firewall-F licenses by license ID, host ID, bundle, or date.
  • Click the NextGen Firewall F downloads tab or the NG Firewall support tools button to search for NextGen Firewall-F available downloads.



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