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Barracuda Cloud Control

How to Switch Between LDAP Environments

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LDAP groups display on the Home > Admin > Groups page after you have enabled LDAP Active Directory and Azure AD on the Home > Admin > Options page, and synchronization is complete. If your account is connected to two or more LDAP environments, the Home > Admin > Groups page displays the Switch Environments option which allows you to access other environments. This might occur if you have a Partner account with multiple customers with LDAP authentication enabled. The currently selected LDAP environment name displays to the right of Switch Environments:



  1. Click Switch Environments to open the Switch LDAP Environments dialog box.
  2. Select the environment you want to view, and then click Switch. The selected LDAP environment displays the associated LDAP groups in the Home > Admin > Groups page. Note that when you select a different LDAP environment, the environment ID displays at the end of the Barracuda Cloud Control URL.

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