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Barracuda Cloud Control

Release Notes

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Barracuda Appliance Control Release Firmware 4.6.4 – December 12, 2018

  • Barracuda Appliance Control IDOR (Insecure Direct Object Reference) - Modify and delete Groups cross-organization affects N/A. (BNCS-6299)
Resolved Issues
  • Barracuda Email Security Gateway message log filter now works for 'TimeRange' if there are multiple filters involved. (BNCS-6879)
  • Firmware Reports through Barracuda Appliance Control now pulls in EA/GA releases for products. (BNCS-6893)
  • Added latest text strings.  (BNCS-6954) 
  • Fixed degeneration of File_transfer workers on App nodes to address mysterious backup failures. (BNCS-6905)
  • Removed account name information from Barracuda Application Control Reports. (BNCS-6933)
  • Updated Barracuda Appliance Control production firmware to 4.6.4. (BNCS-6973)


Barracuda Appliance Control Release Cerebellum ebuild 20181204 – December 12, 2018

Added Feature
  • Moved service worker counts to the configuration file. (BNCS-6897)
Resolved Issues
  • Investigated climbing memory utilization on production web nodes. (BNCS-6919)
  • Made a Cerebellum build with latest reign changes and deploy to QA for testing. (BNCS-6926)

  • Fix the ebuild process for Cerebellum. (BNCS-6974)

  • Update production Cerebellum to 20181204. (BNCS-6975)

September 5, 2018

Added Features
  • Allow Support Cases created via Barracuda Cloud Control to be assigned to the Japan region. (BNPL-9725)
  • Create a publicly-available Release Notes page to communicate customer-facing changes released to production. (BNPL-9554)
  • Provide information dialog to customers attempting to set up unsupported Active Directory configurations. (BNPL-9417)
Resolved Issues
  • Support cases created via Barracuda Cloud Control are assigned to the correct queue based on the system's assignment rules. (BNPL-9605)
  • Removed Barracuda Control Server from the Downloads page. (BNPL-9534)
Known Issues
  • Made improvements to Azure AD authorization in Directories page. (BNPL-9905)

September 4, 2018

Resolved Issue
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some customers in North America from using the Barracuda Essentials Onboarding Wizard. (BNPAY-2968)

August 15, 2018

Added Features
  • Improved LDAP environment clean upon removal. (BNAUTH-731)
  • Allow activation of standalone service(s) when customer is already subscribed to bundled services. (BNPAY-2988)

July 25, 2018

Added Feature
  • Added support for recognizing federation status of Azure domains. (BNAUTH-1467)
Resolved Issues
  • Fixed limit of members when syncing Azure groups. (BNAUTH-1449)
  • Fixed issue where dialogs would sometimes break due to the lack of a trailing slash in the URLs. (BNPL-9291)
  • Fixed an issue with displaying long domain names in the Directories table. (BNPL-7006)
  • Support cases created via Barracuda Cloud Control are assigned to the correct queue based on the system's assignment rules. (BNPL-9605)



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