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Barracuda Cloud Control

Google Directory Service Integration

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Google Directory Service integration is currently only available to Barracuda Content Shield customers at this time.

If you want to apply policies to your users and groups configured in Google Directory Services, follow instructions below to synchronize your Google Directory with Barracuda Content Shield (BCS) using your Barracuda Cloud Control (BCC) account.

Create a Barracuda Cloud Control Google Directory

  1. Log into your BCC account. Use the same credentials you use for your BCS account.
  2. On the Admin tab, click Directories.
  3. In the upper right of the page next to Support, use the drop-down to select the SMB account.
  4. Click ADD DIRECTORY and select Google Directory.
  5. On the Create Directory screen, give your new directory in BCC a name.
  6. Click Sign in with Google to sign into your Google account. This will redirect you to Google, where you can select the Google account you want to use.
  7. On the Google  Confirm Your Choices  page, click Allow to enable BCC to retrieve information from your Google account. You are then redirected to BCC.
  8. After BCC links with your Google Directory, you will see the Create Directory screen again in BCC and the domain for the Google account you have linked to. Click Done.      
  9. On the BCC Directories page, enter the name of the directory you created in step 4 in the search box. When that domain appears in the table, you may see the system still performing a sync ('Sync Pending' is displayed in the Sync column) with your Google Directory. 
  10. Click View Groups for the corresponding new Google directory. Next to the Switch Environments button, you should see your domain. If not, click Switch Environments. In the Switch LDAP Environments popup, search for your domain. Click Switch.
  11. If your users aren't listed in the table yet, click Sync groups now. This bypasses the automatic sync BCC performs with LDAP directories every few hours. The sync may take a few minutes as BCC processes other sync actions in the queue. When sync completes, the table is updated with all groups in the directory. To see the members in a group, click View Members in the Actions column for that group.

View Existing Directories and Groups

Complete the following steps to view existing directories and groups in BCC:

  1. From the Admin tab in BCC, click Directories. The Directories table includes a row indicating whether or not Authentication has been set to On or Off.

  2. Click View groups to display the groups associated with a configured directory.

  3. You can synchronize the listed groups to ensure that user information is up-to-date by clicking Sync groups now.
  4. Click Edit for a specified group to modify the settings for the domain. When you have finished making changes, click SAVE.