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Barracuda Cloud Control

Managing multiple Barracuda appliances through Appliance Control

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Barracuda Web Filter - All Firmware Versions


One of the features of the Barracuda Cloud Control is the ability to make changes to a group of appliances- all at the same time!

When you join your units to the Cloud Control, you also have the ability to form a group with them and then manage the appliances as a group. When appliances are managed as a group, a unique group menu system allows you to change only the setting that will be common between the two (or more) units.

Example: To manage two Email Security Gateway via Cloud Control:
1. Join each of your Barracudas to Cloud Control.
2. Log into Cloud Control.
3. Go into the Appliance Control section.You should see both of your Barracudas listed.
4. Click on the Group button.
5. Using the pull-down menu, select "Spam & Virus Firewall."
6. You can now manage all units as a single entity.

The units you will be managing as one unit are the:

- Cloud Protection Layer
- Spam & Virus Firewall 1
- Spam & Virus Firewall 2

Note that if you ONLY want to manage your Email Security Gateway and not the Cloud Protection Layer you can make your own Group.

1. Click the ADD button
2. Create a group name
3. Drag and drop your Barracuda's into this group.

This will allow you to manage your Barracudas though the cloud as a single unit (and only changes that will not cause conflicts will be possible).

Additional Notes:
- Managing your appliances via Cloud Control can result in web page timeouts due to the need to query data from each Barracuda device in real time.

- As a safeguard, Cloud Control only allows you to access to change settings that are common between the units. Any settings that might cause a conflict between appliances will be disabled and marked in gray. 

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