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Barracuda CloudGen Access

Add User

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To add a new local user:

  1. Go to Identity and navigate to Users. Click the + icon in the top right.

    First, fill in the following User Details in the New User modal as shown below:
    • Name – Name to identify the user.
    • Email – Required to send the enrollment to the user link via email.
    • Login Name – Email address or name used to log in, e.g., john.smith
    • Groups (optional) – Groups that the user belongs to.
  2. In the Enrollment Settings section:
    • Select Send email invitation (optional) to send an email to the user with enrollment steps.
    • Select a Device Classification for the user. (See Device Classification for more information).
      • Supervised – The Tamperproof feature is allowed and your organization's Web Security policies are enforced.
      • Managed – The Tamperproof feature is disabled, and the organization's Web Security policies are enabled, but optional (user can opt-out).
      • Personal – The Tamperproof feature and Web Security features are disabled. The organization CANNOT see the web traffic on the device, even if the CloudGen Access app is installed and running
    • The number of available Slots correspond to user devices. When all of the slots have been taken, the token is finished. Tokens can, alternatively, expire in 14 days from creation.

  3. Click Create User.

To enroll a device:

  1. Open the enrollment email.
  2. Click on Download for macOS.
  3. After installing the CGA app, click Enroll.

See Device Classification for details about how devices are managed.  
If there is an issue with enrolling, and the Report Issue screen is not readily available, open cga://nav/troubleshoot/issue_report to navigate to the Report Issue screen.