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Barracuda CloudGen Access

CloudGen Access Proxy Orchestrator Release Notes

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Version 1.3.15

  • Updated proxy client to latest version.

Version 1.3.14

Release date: 2022.06.29

  • Updated API URLs domains.

Version 1.3.13

Release date: 2022.06.17

  • No longer generating build_id debugging files.

Version 1.3.12

Release date: 2022.06.15

  • Added ability to disable AWS SSM and Secret Manager.

Version 1.3.11

Release date: 2022.05.19

  • Fixed root certificate refresh bug where proxy would stop accepting connections until next restart.

Version 1.3.10

Release date: 2022.05.19

  • Added help strings.
  • Maintenance - Updated dependencies.

Version 1.3.9

Release date: 2021.08.11

  • Added flag to configure cert renewal time.
  • Improved certificate renewal flow.

Version 1.3.8

Release date: 2021.05.27

  • Collect root CAs and validate the endpoints we allow enrollment from [BNCGA-701]

Version 1.3.7

Release date: 2021.01.30

  • Fix Debian

Version 1.3.6

Release date: 2021.01.06

  • Add support for using separate prefixes for AWS secrets

Version 1.3.5

Release date: 2020.12.15

  • Add support for Syslog logging

Version 1.3.4

Release date: 2020.11.06

  • Add new configuration parameters: envoy_prometheus_ip, proxy_prometheus_ip and envoy_listener_ip

Version 1.3.3

Release date: 2020.09.13

  • Pyinstaller Folder Refresher

Version 1.3.2

Release date: 2020.08.29

Requires envoy or later: update should be simultaneous

  • Fixes Envoy version parsing

Version 1.2.2

Release date: 2020.08.18

  • Add support for configurable TCP Keepalive both on upstream and downstream sockets

Version 1.2.0

Release date: 2020.02.11

Requires envoy 1.13.0: update should be simultaneous

  • Added support for new authorization protocol 3 used for port ranges and wildcard domains
  • Changed resource list polling mechanism to daily polls with lazy updates based on requests
  • Changed all Redis keys to include the proxy_id so a same Redis cluster can be used for multiple proxies
  • Added support for configuring a log file parameter that copies all logs to it

Version 1.1.12

Release date: 2020.01.15

  • Added support for TLS Session Tickets in cluster mode
  • Added support for HTTP/S Proxies
  • Bug fix for AWS detection feature