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Barracuda CloudGen Access

Install in Azure

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Before You Begin

Get a CloudGen Access Proxy enrollment link by creating a new CloudGen Access Proxy. Since there is still no value for Host parameters, insert a placeholder (e.g.,

Deploy the CloudGen Access Proxy to Azure

Installation requires Resource Group and Vnet + Subnet within the same resource group. Template details are described in Azure Templates.

If you do not have a resource group, you must create one in Azure:

  1. Go to the Azure portal:
  2. Create a new resource group.

  3. Create a Vnet within the resource group.

  4. Click Deploy to Azure.
  5. Select the resource group.
  6. Paste enrollment link and Vnet name.
  7. Click Review + create.


After the installation, update the created CloudGen Access Proxy host with the CloudGen Access Proxy IP address obtained in the template output resource:

  1. Go to Outputs and copy the ipAddress.
  2. In CloudGen Access, replace the proxy Host address.
  3.  Click Save.
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