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Barracuda CloudGen Access

Add Local Admin

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Account owners can manage admins from the Identity page. The Admins tab will only be available to the account owners.

To create a new local admin:

  1. Go to Identity and navigate to Admins. Click the + icon in the top right.
    add admin 1.png
  2. Add the following:
    • Name – Name to identify the admin.
    • Email – Enter the email address of the admin.
  3. Select the Authentication type.
    • If you select BCC or SSO, you must configure IdP first. (Make sure that you configured your IdP correctly; otherwise, you might lose access to your account.)
      • If you cannot log into your account with BCC, please contact customer support.
    • If you select Password:
      • You can send an email to the new admin, and they can set their password, or
      • You can manually set a password for the new admin.
  4. Select the required Roles for the admin.
    add admin 2.png
  5. Click Create.
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