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Barracuda CloudGen Access

Add User Directory

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The User Directory Connector retrieves users and groups from multiple sources and syncs them into a CloudGen Access tenant. Multiple user sources are available, and there are specific configuration steps depending on which ones you use. The user sources for a connector are activated through the CloudGen Access Console.

To add a user directory:

  1. Go to Settings and scroll down to User Directories
  2. Click Activate .


  3. Add the following:
    • Short code – Alias that you create to identify the directory. For example, if you are connecting to G Suite, you might use something like 'GST'.
    • Directory Name – A name that you create to represent the user directory. For example, if you are connecting to Azure, you might use something like 'AZDir' or 'Azure'.
    • Type – Choose Azure AD, G Suite, LDAP, or Okta Directory.
    • Notes (optional)  
  4. Click Add. Copy the token at the bottom of the window. Barracuda Networks recommends storing it in a password manager. You will use this token for the User Directory Connector.


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