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Barracuda CloudGen Access

Sync with Azure AD

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To sync with an Azure AD tenant, you need to authorize Barracuda CloudGen Access to access your data, which requires a manual step to obtain an authorization token from the Microsoft Azure portal. After this token is obtained, it will be valid without expiration, unless you invalidate it from the portal itself. See also How to Install the CloudGen Access User Directory Connector .

docker run -it fydeinc/fyde-connector --enrollment-token=''

The script will prompt with this message:

Please authorize this connector to access your Azure AD directory information
To sign in, use a web browser to open the page and enter the code XXXXXXXXX to authenticate.
Your Azure AD token is:XXXXXXXXXX......

Pass the azure-auth-token to the connector, and syncing will begin immediately.

docker run -it fydeinc/fyde-connector --enrollment-token='https://enterprise.fyde......' --azure-auth-token='eAJ4q2wcbi......'

You will see these messages after a successful sync:

2019-08-30 23:06:42 - Running Fyde Connector version 1.0.0
2019-08-30 23:06:42 - Initializing Sync Manager for connector
2019-08-30 23:07:05 - URL being requested: GET https://www....
2019-08-30 23:07:42 - Ran module <sources.azure_ad.SyncModule object at 0x1066342b0> successfully, next run in 900 seconds

This is a “foreground” command. If you want to use docker to run it without stopping, you need to run the command and sent it to the background. You can also add a parameter to start the service again after the reboot.

docker run -d --restart always fydeinc/fyde-connector --enrollment-token='https://enterprise.fyde......' --azure-auth-token='eAJ4q2wcbi......'

Azure AD Parameters

azure-api-timeout60intTimeout to connect to Azure infrastructure
azure-auth-token stringThis auth token is required for syncing with an Azure AD tenant. It is created through this tool. Please follow instructions in our documentation.

See also General parameters.

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