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Barracuda CloudGen Access

How to Deploy CloudGen Access on a Virtual Appliance

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The Barracuda CloudGen Access Vx can be deployed on various hypervisors using the virtual images provided by Barracuda Networks. The virtual appliance includes a custom CLI to provide easier management of the Barracuda CloudGen Access Proxy (Orchestrator + Envoy) and the Barracuda CloudGen Access User Directory Connector.



Recommended hardware is minimum 1 CPU and 1024MB of RAM.

Download the related installation file using one of the following links (~3GB total):    

How to Deploy a CloudGen Access Vx on various hypervisors

For ease of deployment, Barracuda CloudGen Access Vx units are available as prebuilt  images that can be imported into your hypervisor. You do not need to create or configure a virtual machine (VM). Instructions for deploying on each supported hypervisor are linked below. 

Before deploying the CloudGen Access Vx unit:

  1. Verify that the host system meets the minimum requirements for the production system.    
  2. Configure a user directory connector in the CloudGen Access Enterprise Console. This step will return a secret token in the form of a URL that needs to be passed to the connector configuration. See Add User Directory.
The default state of Connector right after deployment is Inactive (not running) and Disabled. You must start the connector in order to sync after setting the enrollment token, especially for LDAP and Okta.

Next step: See How to Get Started With CloudGen Access Vx to configure the network, proxy, and SSH.