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Barracuda CloudGen Access

How to Deploy a CloudGen Access User Directory Connector With Docker

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You can install a User Directory Connector on a CentOS using RPMs, or any Debian-based OS. It can also be run directly on any modern Linux (it is a single static binary), or using a docker container. You can obtain the mandatory configuration parameter, the enrollment_token, from the CloudGen Console when you create a new User Directory.

First, run this command to make sure you have the latest version of the connector:

 docker pull fydeinc/fyde-connector

By default, a connector runs indefinitely and runs its user/group syncing every 15 minutes. This behavior can be changed through other configuration options as described in the parameters for each source.

Example: Azure AD and Google Suite

First, run this command with the enrollment_token and the authorize switch:

docker run -it fydeinc/fyde-connector --enrollment-token='' authorize

The script will prompt with this message:

Please authorize this connector to access your Azure AD directory information
To sign in, use a web browser to open the page and enter the code XXXXXXXXX to authenticate. 

Run docker with the sync switch:

docker run -it fydeinc/fyde-connector --enrollment-token='' sync

If you want docker to run it without stopping, you need to run the command and send it to the background. Additionally, you can add a parameter to start the service again after the reboot.

docker run -d --restart always fydeinc/fyde-connector --enrollment-token='https://enterprise.barracuda......' --azure-auth-token='eAJ4q2wcbi......'

Example: LDAP Directory and Okta Directory

You do not need to give the authorize switch; you can run directly with the sync switch.

Example for LDAP:

docker run --name ldap-sync -it fydeinc/fyde-connector:latest --enrollment-token='https://enterprise.barracuda......' --ldap-host='XX.XX.XX.XX' --ldap-profile='ad' --ldap-user-search-base='dc=mydomain,dc=com' --ldap-group-search-base='dc=mydomain,dc=com' --ldap-auth-method='simple' --ldap-auth-username='MYDOMAIN\Administrator' --ldap-auth-password='******' --loglevel='debug' --no-ldap-use-starttls sync

Example for Okta:

docker run -it fydeinc/fyde-connector --enrollment-token='' --okta-domainname='' sync
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