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Configure Alerts

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Alerts provide timely notifications about web security logs, system warnings, and errors, allowing you to take action. Configure alert levels, recipients and event thresholds. If you have already created alerts, see View Alerts.

Add a New Alert

  1. Go to Alerts >Alerts and click the + icon in the top right.
  2. Give the alert a descriptive Name.
  3. Alert Status: Set to ON if  you want the agent to check for the alert conditions (rules) you configure. When they do, an alert is created. This does not necessarily mean that a notification is sent to the console admins; an alert notification is only sent if you set Alert Notifications to ONBy setting Alert Status to OFF, the agent will not check for these conditions.
  4. Alert Notifications:  Set to ON if you want the agent to send alerts to the specified email(s).
  5. Rules Select which Web Security rules you want trigger alerts. If a domain is matched by the selected rule(s), the agent will send out the alert.
  6. Severity
    1. High – Sends alert immediately when the threshold is reached. Rate-limited to 10 for hour. When rate-limited, the agent sends a notification with a summary of events.   This means that high severity alerts will be immediate, but after the 10 th alert, the agent waits to send the next one.  
    2. Medium – Send summary of notifications each hour.
    3. Low –  Send summary of notifications once per day.
  7. Event Threshold – The agent triggers an alert when the limit or threshold you specify is reached or exceeded. For example, an Event Threshold of 5 means that an alert will be triggered even if you generate 5 events. 
  8. Description   Optional, describing the alert.

Configure Alert Settings

  1. Configure Recipients to be Notified. When email integration is enabled, each recipient will receive one email message per alert generated.
    1. Go to Alerts > Settings
    2. Toggle the Status switch to ON.
    3. Click the down arrow below Status to expand the display.
    4. Toggle Enable notifications to... either on or off for the selected recipient(s).
  2. Configure Severity Levels.
    1. Go to Alerts > Settings
    2. Click the down arrow below Status to expand the display.
    3. For Send Notifications by Severity, toggle the 3 different levels on or off.

Note: If you disable the severity levels on the settings page, an alert notification won't be generated, but a log entry will.