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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

General VPN Troubleshooting

  • Course Number: CGF09030
  • Role: Engineer
  • Duration: 1 hour


These training sessions provide information on General VPN Troubleshooting.

The training content is valid for Barracuda CloudGen Firewall version 8.2 and version 8.3

The following topics are covered in this training:

  • Understanding the Logs
    • Site-to-Site VPN Logs
    • Client-to-Site VPN Logs 
    • How to Increase the IPsec VPN Log Level  
  • No Connection to VPN Gateway
    • Verify that Traffic is Hitting the Firewall
    • Top Incident: Connection Issues
  • CA VPN Certificates
    • How to Verify a Valid Chain of Trust
    • Converting between the X.509 Formats  
    • How to Set Up External CA VPN Certificates
    • Installing and Troubleshooting CA VPN Certificates on the Firewall

Self-Paced Training

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