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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

How to Install Updates via SSH

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In some cases, especially models with slower hardware or flash-based storage, it is recommended to reduce the load during the update by initiating the update via command line. 

Step 1. Download the Update from the Barracuda Download Portal

Go to the Barracuda Networks download portal and download the update or hotfix.

For more information, see How to Download Applications, Updates, and Hotfixes.

Step 2. Update via SSH 

  1. Verify that the /phion0/packages/ directory does not contain any files such as an older minor release or a patch package. The directory should only contain the kl, os, ph, sa, and tgz subdirectories.
  2. Copy the update package or patch into the /phion0/packages/ directory on your firewall or Control Center. The package path and file name must not contain whitespace characters.
  3. In the Barracuda Firewall Admin SSH client, you can also transfer the file onto the system by changing to the /phion0/packages/ directory and clicking Send File.

  4. Type phionUpdate.

Wait for the update to finish. Depending on your system hardware, the upgrade can take anywhere from 10 minutes (on a fast system) to 60 minutes (on a flash unit). The Barracuda CloudGen Firewall will reboot after the upgrade process.

Do not interrupt the update. During this process, the system boots and disconnects several times. As soon as the system is successfully updated, the combined major, minor, and build number for the new version is displayed on the console. For example:

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall release 8.0.1-217

You can also log back into the system using SSH or Barracuda Firewall Admin. On the Dashboard page, you can confirm the system version and status.