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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

This Firmware Version Is End-Of-Support

Documentation for this product is no longer updated. Please see for further information on our EoS policy.

Layer 7 Application Control

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Layer 7 Application Control is a legacy feature of the Barracuda NG Firewall. Barracuda Networks recommends using Application Control 2.0 instead

Using Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and behavioral traffic analysis, the Barracuda NG Firewall can detect and classify network traffic based on Layer 7 applications and protocols. By integrating Layer 7 Application Control in your firewall rules, you can block, allow, throttle, enable, or disable specific applications. These firewall rules can also be enforced according to user ID, security policy, location, and time of day. 

To use Layer 7 Application Control, you must install a valid Energize Updates subscription on your Barracuda NG Firewall. With the Energize Updates subscription, your Barracuda NG Firewall can automatically receive security updates from Barracuda Central, an advanced 24/7 security operations center that works to continuously monitor and block emerging Internet threats. Exploit signatures are regularly updated at Barracuda Central and are automatically delivered to your Barracuda NG Firewall via Energize Updates. You can also use Port Protocol Protection to make sure that a port is only used by the protocols that you allow on it. It addresses the limitations of firewall rules in being able to detect if a port is being used by prohibited protocols.

The following section contains articles that provide instructions on how to enable and use Layer 7 Application Control and Port Protocol Protection.

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