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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

This Firmware Version Is End-Of-Support

Documentation for this product is no longer updated. Please see https://campus.barracuda.com/doc/71862301/ for further information on our EoS policy.

How to Create and Apply Custom User Objects

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Create custom user objects to reference users and groups for implementation within the Barracuda NG Firewall forwarding rule set. In a user object, you can enter conditions such as authentication patterns and policy roles, depending on your requirements, to define the users that you want to include in the user object. You can also reference other user objects that have already been configured.

In this article:

Create a User Object

  1. Open the Forwarding Rules page (Config > Full Config > Virtual Servers > your virtual server > Assigned Services > Firewall > Forwarding Rules).
  2. Click Lock.
  3. From the left menu, select Users and Groups.
  4. Right-click the table and select New.
  5. In the  Edit/Create User Object  window, enter a Name for the user object . For example: Trusted LAN Users
  6. Click New to add a user condition. The User Condition window opens.
  7. Enter the Login Name. Question marks (?) and asterisks (*) are allowed. If you enter a question mark and asterisk (?*), you must also enter at least one character.
  8. From the Group Patterns  list, select the required group condition. You have the following options:
    • One Pattern must match (OR) – Users must match one of the patterns listed in the Group Patterns section.
    • All Patterns must match (AND) Users must match all the patterns listed in the Group Patterns section.
  9. Click Add to select your users. The Edit Group Pattern window opens.

    This option lets you perform an AD Lookup. Select Use current AD Connection to check entries from your configured AD domain controller or enter your search criteria in the provided fields.

  10. Select the users and/or groups the user object applies to, and click OK.
  11. After you specify the conditions for all of the users that you want to include in this object, click OK to create the user object.
  12. Click Send Changes and Activate.

If you are using Offline Authentication, ensure that user-specific rules are sequenced after the fwauth rule (see How to Configure Offline Firewall Authentication).

Apply a User Object to a Firewall Rule

To apply a configured user object to a firewall rule:

  1. Open the Forwarding Rules page (Config > Full Config > Virtual Servers > your virtual server > Firewall > Forwarding Rules).
  2. Click Lock.
  3. Edit the firewall rule that you want to apply the user object to.
  4. From the Authenticated User list, select the time object.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Send Changes and Activate.
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