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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

This Firmware Version Is End-Of-Support

Documentation for this product is no longer updated. Please see for further information on our EoS policy.

Migrating from 5.4.x to 6.0.x

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Before migrating your Barracuda NG Firewall from firmware version 5.4.X to 6.0.X, review the requirements and changes listed in the following sections. Some changes applied during the migration might require you to make preparations before the update or extra configurations after the update. 

Read the Release Notes, especially the Known Issues section, for the firmware version that you want to update to.

Step 1. Review upgrade requirements 

Verify that your Barracuda NG Firewall or Barracuda NG Control Center meets the upgrade requirements.

Update matrix
Current VersionTarget Version


Supported models

You can upgrade the following Barracuda NG Firewall models to major version 6.

Barracuda NG Firewall Systems

Hardware Systems

F10 Rev A/B, F15, F100 Rev A/B, F101 Rev A/B, F200 Rev A/B/C, F201 Rev A/B/C, F280 Rev A, F300 Rev A/B, F301 Rev A/B, F380 Rev A, F400 Rev A/B, F600 Rev A/B/C, F800 Rev A/B, F900 Rev A, F1000 Rev A, C400, C610
Virtual Systems 

VF25, VF50, VF100, VF250, VF500, VF1000, VF2000, VF4000, VF8000, VC400, VC610, VC820, AWS, Azure

Legacy and Standard Hardware Systems


Legacy phion appliances are not supported for version 6.0.0 or higher.

Standard Hardware

A standard hardware system is a Barracuda NG Firewall running on 3rd-party server hardware using an SF license. Consult the Barracuda Networks Technical Support in order to find out if your specific standard hardware is supported.

Disk space requirements

To upgrade a system to version 6.0.x, you must have at least 50 MB of free space in the /boot/ partition and twice the size of the update package in the / (root) partition. If you are upgrading an F100, F100 Rev B, F101, or F101 Rev B, verify that enough disk space is available:

image2015-1-29 15-21-3.png

If you do not have at least twice the size of the update package disk space available, complete the following steps before updating:

  • Block the Virus Scanner service.
  • On the command line, delete unnecessary files by executing the following commands:

    rm -rf /var/phion/mcdownload/clam/files/* rm -rf /var/phion/mcdownload/avira/files/* rm -rf /var/phion/preserve/boxupdate/updateStatus.db rm -rf /var/phion/preserve/boxupdate/clam/*

    If you still do not have enough free disk space to update your F100 or F101, contact Barracuda Technical Support.

Xen HVM-based Barracuda NG Firewalls and NG Control Centers

Do not upgrade systems using Opensource Linux Xen HVM images to firmware version 6.0.X.

Citrix Xen HVM is currently supported for firmware version 6.0.2 or higher.

Upgrade Barracuda NG Control Center C400 / C610

If you are updating by reinstalling via a USB key, you must change the boot device order in the BIOS. If you need a BIOS password, contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

Upgrading a high availability (HA) unit without upgrading its HA partner unit

If you are upgrading a unit in a high availability (HA) cluster without upgrading its partner, you must re-synchronize both units: 

  1. Go to Firewall > Live > Show Proc.
  2. Select the Sync Handler process and select Kill Selected.
    The process is automatically restarted after a couple of seconds. The primary and secondary unit's sessions will then re-synchronize.
Barracuda NG Admin

After updating a system, you must also download the Barracuda NG Admin with the same version. Barracuda NG Admin is backward compatible (i.e., you can manage a 5.4.X unit with a 6.0.X Barracuda NG Admin).

Do not use a version of Barracuda NG Admin below 6.0.4 with the Barracuda NG Firewall version 6.0.4.

Step 2. Review changes when upgrading to 6.0.X

When upgrading to 6.0.X, default behavior or settings can change. Go through the list of changes below and make the necessary preparations before initiating the migration process.

Verify that you know how to deal with the changes listed in the table below before you initiate the migration process.

Host Firewall

  • If you are not using Single Point of Entry (SPoE) to connect to your NG Firewall, you must modify the MGMT-ACCESS-REMOTE and MGMT-ACCESS host access rules to include TCP Port 850 to use ATP.


  • "Settings" in the "IPFIX Streaming" configuration has been renamed to "Collectors"

Forwarding Firewall

  • Firewall Execute Rules are no longer available. Existing rules are kept, but most likely do not work.
  • AV scanning in the firewall: New mime types have been added to the list of default mime types to synchronize with ATP MIME types.
  • AV scanning in the firewall: Files smaller than 10 MB are not trickled.

Barracuda NG Control Center

  • Barracuda NG Control Center: Dropped support for cluster versions older than 4.2. It is not possible to update a Barracuda NG Control Center using cluster versions 4.0 or earlier. After the update, it is not possible to create a cluster earlier than version 4.2.

Barracuda NG Admin

  • NG Admin 6.0 requires .NET 4.0 framework on the client computer.

Barracuda OS

  • Disabled SSLv3 support for the Firewall Authentication daemon, SSL VPN, and SSL Interception. SSLv3 support can be re-enabled for these services, if required.

Secure Web Proxy

Step 3. Start the update

Now you can update the Barracuda NG Firewall or Barracuda NG Control Center.

For more information, see Updating Barracuda NG Firewalls and NG Control Centers.

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