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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

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How to Create Custom Reports

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With the Barracuda Report Creator, you can generate custom reports by creating custom report data configurations. The following custom report data configurations are available:

  • Custom Report – Use this type to create reports for allowed or blocked traffic by common criteria such as protocol, user, source, and risk.
  • User Activity Report – Create a summary of all activities for a specific user or source IP address.
  • URL Category Reports – Create reports for the top blocked or allowed URL categories.
  • Application Category Reports – Create reports for the top blocked or allowed application categories.
  • Application Reports – Create reports summarizing the usage of specific applications.

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Before you Begin

Configure the Barracuda Report Creator as described in How to Use the Barracuda Report Creator.

Step 1. Configure Report Data Settings

To configure a custom report, choose a template type and add your custom template.

  1. Click the Templates tab.
  2. In the left menu, click Report Data.
  3. In the Report Data section, select the custom report type you want to create. E.g., Application Category Reports.
  4. Click the plus sign (AddSymbol.png).
  5. Right-click the report name, select rename, and enter an appropriate description for the new custom report.

  6. In the main menu, configure the settings such as:
    • To define a custom application category for the report, expand the list in the Filters section and select the category. E.g., Games.
    • To set a time span that is not available in the preconfigured list, expand Time Span and enter your own credentials.
    • To exclude the source address from the report, enable Source IP Address Anonymization.
    • To change the number of applications included in the report, expand Applications and select the number of top applications to be displayed.
  7. Click Save.

Step 2. Configure the Report

  • Create a Report Layouts template to configure the layout of the report, and a Deliveries template to specify how the reports are delivered. Then go to the Reports tab, select the configured templates, specify the delivery times for the report, and generate or schedule the report. For more information, see Steps 3-7 in How to Use the Barracuda Report Creator.
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