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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

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Schedule Objects

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To restrict host, access, and application rules to specific times and intervals, configure schedule objects as an additional matching criteria. Schedule objects provide time granularity in minutes. When time objects are evaluated the time of the NG Firewall it is running on is used. 

The Barracuda NG Firewall, the client running NG Admin, and, if applicable, the NG Control Center must use the correct time for their respective time zones. Using NTP is highly recommended. For more information, see How to Configure Time Server (NTP) Settings.

A schedule object consists of two time configuration elements that can be combined or used separately:

  • Recurring Schedule – Configure the schedule to be active during specific days and intervals by selecting weekdays and time from a list.
  • Restrict to time interval – Configure the schedule to be active during a specific interval by specifying a date and time span.

For information on how to create schedule objects, see How to Create and Apply Schedule Objects.

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Recurring Schedules

You can restrict the schedule to a specific day and time interval, e.g., every week from Monday at 09:00 until Wednesday at 15:30, by selecting the Enable Recurring Schedule checkbox. Selecting this option expands the configuration and provides the Recurring Schedule table, where you specify the days and times for the schedule to be active.

A time schedule entry can cover up to one week, starting on Mon-00:00, and ending on Mo 0:00 of the next week. To enable the schedule for an interval crossing the Mo 00:00 threshold, split the entry. E.g., Fri-15:00 to Mo 0:00 and Mon-00:00 to Tue-10:30.

FW_Schedule 01.png

Time Interval

Selecting the Restrict to time interval checkbox lets you restrict the schedule to a date and time span by specifying the dates and times in the fields provided by the section.


Schedule Object Options

  • Terminate existing sessions – By default, sessions that match the rule using the schedule object stay active until they are closed or time out. Selecting the Terminate existing sessions checkbox immediately terminates active sessions as soon as the time restriction configured in the schedule applies. Sessions are not terminated between two time intervals which directly follow each other. (E..g, Tue 8:00 - Tue 9:00 and Tue 9:00 - Tue 10:00)
  • Block if schedule does not match – When you enable this option, the connection is blocked when the time schedule does not match, since no further access rule will be evaluated.

Legacy Time Restriction Settings for Access Rules

Existing Time Restrictions (Edit Rule > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Time Restriction) for an access rule  override the schedule objects of an access rule. Barracuda Networks recommends configuring schedule objects instead of time restrictions in an access rule. Barracuda NG Firewall firmware 6.1 or later no longer supports legacy time restrictions. Use schedule objects instead.  


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