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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

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Mobile Portal User Guide

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When you connect to the SSL VPN service with a mobile device such as smartphone or tablet you are automatically redirected to the mobile portal. The Barracuda NG SSL VPN mobile portal provides easy mobile access to your organization’s web resources such as Outlook Web Access (OWA) via the web browser of your mobile device. You can also enable and disable dynamic firewall rules on the Barracuda NG Firewall via the mobile portal.

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Before you Begin

Both JavaScript and cookies must be enabled on your mobile device to use the Barracuda NG SSL VPN mobile portal.

Barracuda NG SSL VPN Mobile Interface

The Barracuda NG SSL VPN mobile portal arranges all available web resources into the following tabs, accessible via the interface service bar:

  • Apps – Contains all configured web and outlook web access resources.
  • Favorites – Contains the shortcuts to resources for quick access.



Logging Into the Barracuda NG SSL VPN Mobile Portal


Open the browser on your mobile device and go to https://Enter your user credentials and tap Login.

If the PIN or password you have entered was incorrect, the failed login attempt is indicated by a shaking animation. The fields are cleared and a 'login failed' message is displayed. To enter another user name, tap the x icon.

If you have to log in using another authentication scheme, tap Options on the login screen. Tap User Database and select the authentication scheme you want to use. The browser remembers the selected option for your next login from the device.



If you want the Barracuda NG SSL VPN mobile portal to remember your user name for future logins, tap Options on the login screen and enable Remember Me.




Launching Resources

The Apps tab contains all web resources. To launch a resource from the Apps screen, tap the icon associated with it.




The web resource launches and you are redirected to the application page.

On the application screen, you can move the title bar to the top of the screen to improve visibility. To do so, tap the 'up' arrow icon on the right.


If you want to add this web resource to your favorites, tap the 'star' icon. As soon as the resource is added, the icon changes its color status to filled.



To exit the resource, tap the x.


Searching Folders and Favorites

Tap the Apps or Favorites tab to access the web resources configured on the Barracuda NG SSL VPN. To search for a specific item, tap the looking glass icon and type the name of the item in the search field.



Tap the x icon to start over, when finished, tap Done.

Adding Favorites

On the Favorites page, you can store web resource shortcuts for easier access. Tap the Favorites tab. To add a web resource to the favorites, tap the + icon.




Select the item you want to add from the list and tap Add. The resource you have added is now visible under the Favorites tab.



To remove a resource from the favorites list, tap the Favorites tab and then tap the trash can symbol. Select the shortcut, and then tap Delete.

Enable and Disable Dynamic Firewall Rules

System Administrators can use dynamic firewall rules to allow temporary administrative access to resources normally blocked by the NG Firewall. Firewall rules are accessible via the My Options tab. Tap My Options and then Firewall Rules.


Tap the 'forward' arrow icon to navigate through the dynamic firewall rules pages. These pages display all available dynamic rule categories with the rules that have been configured in the Barracuda NG Firewall SSL-VPN Dynamic Firewall Rules configuration. (To return to a previous page, tap the 'back' arrow on the top left of the screen.)

Example: Dynamic rule - Remote SSH Access


On the dynamic rules pages you can:

  • Enable dynamic firewall rules by selecting Enable.
  • Enable dynamic firewall rules on a time schedule basis by selecting Enable with Time. When using this option a time scheduler lets you select the time span for the rule. Select the time (Days, Hous, and Minutes) and tap Done.
  • Disable dynamic firewall rules by selecting Disable.

Select an option and tap Save.

Logging Off

To log out of the SSL VPN mobile portal, tap the My Options tab, and then tap Log Off.


The SSL VPN mobile portal remembers which tab you were last using, e.g., if you had the Favorites tab open when you logged off, this tab will be the first one displayed at the next time you log on.

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