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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

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Azure Licensing

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By default, hardware and virtual NG Firewall licenses are bound to the MAC address of the first network interface. In Azure, MAC addresses may change either when the VM is moved to a different host due to maintenance work, or when the VM is stopped and, upon restart, is assigned a new host with a different MAC address. This causes problems for the traditional licensing approach.

As a solution, Microsoft assigns a unique 128bit identifier called Azure Unique ID to each new Azure VM. This ID does not change if the VM is stopped or moved to a different host. It will change, however, if a snapshot is used to create a new instance. Both the PAYG and BYOL images bind their licenses to the Azure ID.

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Bring Your Own License Considerations

To license a BYOL image, you must purchase a license from Barracuda Networks that matches the Azure pricing tier. Upon activation, the license is bound to the Azure Unique ID and the MAC address at the time of licensing. This MAC address is stored internally. If the physical MAC address of the VM changes, the stored internal MAC address is used and the license validates as long as the Azure Unique ID does not change. To see the UUID and MAC address the license is bound to, go to the CONTROL > Licensing page. The MAC addresses in the HostID column may differ from the MAC in the Host IDs section if the underlying physical MAC address of the host has changed.


Hourly or Pay-As-You-Go License Considerations

The license is generated on first boot and bound to the Azure Unique ID of the Azure VM. License cannot be regenerated if the Azure ID changes. Once the PAYG license has been generated, it can only be used on this Instance. It is not possible to use the same PAYG license on a new PAYG image because the Azure IDs will not match. All licenses are included in the base license. The Host ID column of the CONTROL > Licensing page shows the UUID of the PAYG license that must match with the UUID in the HOST IDs section: 


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