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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

This Firmware Version Is End-Of-Support

Documentation for this product is no longer updated. Please see End-of-Support for CloudGen Firewall Firmware for further information on our EoS policy.

Host Firewall

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The host firewall service is the firewall service responsible for governing traffic to and from local services running on the NextGen Firewall F-Series and Next Gen Control Center. The ruleset is split into four rule lists:

  • Inbound – Predefined ruleset for inbound traffic to local services running on the F-Series Firewall or Control Center Also allows access to the management ports. 
  • Inbound-User – Add rules to restrict all inbound traffic to the unit. Management ACLs are not influenced by restricting traffic in the inbound-user rule list. Inbound-user rules are checked only if none of the rules in the inbound rule list matched. 
  • Outbound –  Predefined ruleset for outbound traffic coming from local services running on the F-Series Firewall or Control Center. 
  • Outbound-User – Add rules to restrict traffic from leaving the unit. Outbound-user rules are checked only if none of the rules in the outbound rule list matched.

Changes to the host firewall ruleset should only by done by an expert administrator as they can result in severe misconfigurations of your device. If in doubt, contact Barracuda Networks Technical Support.

Host Firewall Features & Rule Types

The host firewall service restricts policies, rule and connection object types. Application Detection is not possible as Application Control can only be used in the forwarding firewall service. 

You can create the following firewall rules types:

The following connection objects are available:

  • No Src NAT – default.
  • Dynamic Src NAT – Only for Outbound and Outbound-User rule lists.
  • Explicit – Explicit connection object.
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