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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

This Firmware Version Is End-Of-Support

Documentation for this product is no longer updated. Please see End-of-Support for CloudGen Firewall Firmware for further information on our EoS policy.

Getting Started - Control Center

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For NextGen Control Centers installed via Barracuda F-Series Install, do not use the CC Wizard. For more information, see Getting Started - Control Center without CC Setup Wizard.

Complete the CC Wizard to configure all necessary box layer and Control Center settings. The CC Wizard can be launched from the OPTION menu or automatically starts when logging into a new Control Center on box layer.

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Before you Begin

  • The CC Wizard can be used only on new or freshly installed NextGen Control Centers.
  • Virtual Control Centers require a license token for activation. The license token is included in the email received from Barracuda Customer Support after purchasing the NextGen Control Center license. 

Step 1. Start the CC Wizard

The CC Wizard will launch automatically when logging in to a new Control Center or can be launched from the Option menu in NextGen Admin:

Wizard Starts Automatically on First Login

Log into Box Layer of a new Control Center to use the CC Setup Wizard.

  1. Launch Barracuda NextGen Admin. 
  2. Select Box.
  3. Log in to the Control Center box layer: 
    • Management IP – If you are using a hardware Control Center appliance, enter For virtual Control Centers, enter the IP address you set during deployment.
    • Password – Enter the default password: ngf1r3wall.
  4. Click Log In. The CC Setup Wizard window opens.
Launch the CC Wizard Manually

The CC Setup Wizard can also be accessed by the Options menu in NextGen Admin.

  1. Launch Barracuda NextGen Admin.
  2. Click the OPTION menu in the upper left-hand corner and click CC Wizard. The CC Setup Wizard window opens.
  3. Log in to the Control Center:
    • Management IP – If you are using a hardware Control Center appliance, enter For virtual Control Centers, enter the IP address you set during deployment.
    • Password – Enter the default password: ngf1r3wall.
  4. Click Next.

Step 2. Enter your Company Data

You must enter your company data to supply the information needed for:

  • Control Center license activation
  • Box level certificates
  • CC certificates
  • Activation template used on the Control Center to activate managed F-Series Firewalls.
  • System email address.
  1. Enter the following information:
    • Company Name
    • Department
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Common Name
    • Email – After successful activation, a confirmation email is sent to this email address.
    • Country
    • State
    • City
    • Street
    • ZIP/Postal Code
    • Phone
  2. Click Next. 

Step 3. Activate the NextGen Control Center

Accept the Terms of Use to download, install, and activate the licenses. If you are using a virtual Control Center, you are prompted to enter the license token you received from Barracuda Customer Support after purchasing the license. Customer data entered in Step 1 is used to complete the contact information in the activation form.

  1. Click Accept and Activate.
  2. If you are using a virtual NextGen Control Center, enter the License Token: E.g., XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX
  3. Click Next.

Step 4. Administrative Settings

Enter administrative settings for your Control Center. Enabling the Revision Control System (RCS) is strongly recommended.

  1. Change the root user password. Depending on the password strength, the background of the New password textbox is green (strong), yellow (medium), or red (weak).
  2. Enter the DNS Settings:
    • DNS Server – Enter the IP address for the primary DNS server on your network.
    • Default Domain – Enter the default domain.
  3. Enter the NTP Settings:
    • NTP Server – Enter an IP address or hostname for your preferred NTP server.
    • Timezone – Select the time zone from the dropdown. 
  4. Enable Revision Control System (RCS)
    • Enable RCS (recommended) – Enable to allow the administrator to view and, if necessary, revert configuration changes made on the Control Center.
    • Require RCS Change Messages – Enable this option to force the admin to enter a description for every configuration change. 
  5. Click Next. 

Step 5. Network Configuration

Configure basic network settings, such as management and Control Center IP address, gateway routes, and trusted networks (management ACLs).

  1. Enter a Hostname for your CC.
  2. (optional) Change the Management IP.
  3. Select the Netmask from the dropdown. 
  4. Enter the Control Center IP. This IP address must be different from the management IP address.
  5. Enter the Default Gateway.
  6. (optional) Enter all Trusted Networks that are allowed to access the Control Center. 

    Incorrect trusted networks (management ACLs) prevent you from connecting to your Control Center. For more information, see How to Change the Root Password and Management ACL.

  7. For each Additional Gateway Route:
    1. Enter the destination Network and Gateway.
    2. Click Add
  8. Click Next

Step 6. (optional) Create Administrators

You can create additional administrators. All administrators created have full read/write permissions on the Control Center and also full access to the box layer. If you want to use an external authentication server, create the CC admins after completing the CC Wizard. For more information, see Control Center Admins.

  1. For each additional administrator, enter the following settings and click Add.
    • Username – Enter a username.
    • Full Name – Enter the full name of the user.
    • Password / Confirm Password – Enter a password. Depending on the password strength, the background of the Password textbox is green (strong), yellow (medium), or red (weak).
  2. Click Next. 

Step 7. Review Configuration Summary

  1. (optional) Click Print Summary to print the configuration settings on the systems default printer.

  2. (recommended) Click Save Summary to save a text file containing the configuration parameters collected by the CC Setup wizard.

  3. Click Next.

Step 8. Submit the Configuration

The CC Wizard now sends and activates all configuration settings collected in steps 1 to 7. If one configuration step fails, use the Back button to go back and change the configuration. You can then resubmit the settings to finish the configuration of the Control Center. When the configuration changes are complete, click Finish. The CC Setup Wizard is automatically disabled for this Control Center.


Next Steps

Use the CC IP Address to connect to the Control Center.

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Revision Control System (RCS)

Revision Control System (RCS)
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