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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

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How to Activate and License a NextGen F-Series High Availability Cluster

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For a high availability cluster, each unit must have its own licenses. Both units must be joined in an HA cluster before activating the licenses, and NextGen Admin must be able to connect to the Internet. You must activate the licenses for the secondary unit before activating the licenses for the primary unit.

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Before You Begin

Create an HA cluster by following the instructions described in How to Set Up a High Availability Cluster.

Step 1. Activate the Secondary Unit

Depending on which type of deployment you are using, complete one of the following activation procedures:

After NextGen Admin activates the unit, it recognizes its HA partner status and waits for the licenses to be activated and downloaded to the primary unit. After the licenses have been successfully retrieved, a notification window appears, and the Activation State switches to Current.

Step 2. Activate and License the Primary Unit

Depending on which type of deployment you are using, complete one of the following activation procedures:

Following activation, licenses for the primary and secondary units are downloaded to the primary unit. The secondary unit automatically receives its license via HA Sync.

Step 3. Verify the License Status on your High Availability Units

Both units in the HA cluster are now licensed. Verify that all your purchased licenses are listed on the Status > Licenses page and that the status is Normal box operation.



Activating the primary unit prior to the secondary unit prevents the primary unit from retrieving the secondary unit's licenses. Reboot the primary unit and perform a complete HA update to download and install the licenses correctly. 

For more information, see Monitoring, Managing, and Rebuilding HA Clusters.

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