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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

This Firmware Version Is End-Of-Support

Documentation for this product is no longer updated. Please see End-of-Support for CloudGen Firewall Firmware for further information on our EoS policy.

CC Geo Maps Page

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The Barracuda NextGen Control Center Geo Maps page provides fast access to frequently needed F-Series Firewalls and tunnels through a geographic map interface. To display VPN tunnel status information on the Geo Maps page, go to Global Settings > CC Parameters and enable Poll Box VPN Status. Go to CONTROL > Geo Maps to access the Geo Maps page.

Information Display

The Geo Maps window contains the gateways that have been added to Geo Maps (Bitmap mode) on the Status Map page or have been placed manually through the interface itself.


Available Actions

To modify the display, the Geo Maps page offers the following icons in the top right of the ribbon bar: 

  • Arrange Boxes – Enables the editing mode to manually place appliances managed by this Barracuda Control Center. Simply drag and drop the appropriate appliance of the appearing list on the left into the Geo Map.
  • Add Map – Add an additional map by selecting the desired region and its placement.
  • Show Tunnels – Displays Site-to-Site VPN tunnels and the according status of appliances placed on the Geo Map. Be sure to have Poll Box VPN Status enabled.
  • Save to CC – Saves the current Geo Maps configuration to the Barracuda Control Center.
  • Load from CC – Loads a saved Geo Maps configuration from the Barracuda Control Center.

Context Menu [Geographic Mode]

Right-clicking in the Geo Maps page with enabled Geographic Mode opens the general context menu with the following entries: 

  • Zoom In – Zooms into the Geo Map by a fixed factor.
  • Zoom Out – Zooms out of the Geo Map by a fixed factor.
  • Reset Zoom (100%) – Resets the current zoom level to 100%.
  • Remove map – Removes the current map from the Geo Map window.
  • Switch to Bitmap mode – Toggles view to Bitmap mode.

Context Menu of the Appliance Icon

Right-clicking in the Geo Maps window directly onto an appliance icon opens a dedicated context menu with the following entries: 

  • -IP: XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX – Displays the IP address of the selected appliance.
  • Launch VPN Status – Opens the VPN window of the selected appliance as a new tab inside the current Barracuda NextGen Admin instance.
  • Launch SSH – Opens the SSH window of the selected appliance as a new tab.
  • Launch Control – Opens the Control window of the selected appliance as a new tab.
  • Launch Log – Opens the Logs window of the selected appliance as a new tab.
  • Launch Statistics – Opens the Statistics window of the selected appliance as a new tab.
  • Launch Event Monitor – Opens the Events window of the selected appliance as a new tab.
  • Open CC Configuration – Opens the Control Center - Configuration Tree of the selected appliance in the current tab inside the current Barracuda NextGen Admin instance.
  • Alternative Login – Opens the Status window of the selected appliance in the current tab inside the current Barracuda NextGen Admin instance.
  • Remove From Geo Maps – Removes the selected appliance from the Geo Map. This is only possible in Bitmap Mode or with enabled Arrange Boxes action.
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