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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

How to Update Virus Patterns Manually

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In the Virus Scanner - Update Handling settings, pattern updates are scheduled or disabled according to the Update Every (min) and Disable Update settings. You can override these settings to manually execute or disable the pattern updates.

For security reasons, manual pattern update execution and disabling are restricted to the administrator's role:

  • On stand-alone Barracuda NextGen F-Series Firewalls, access is permitted for the Manager and Security roles. For more information, see Managing Access for Administrators.
  • On Barracuda NextGen Control Centers, access is permitted through the Virus Scanner Module section of the admin role settings on the Administrative Roles page (Config > Multi-Range > Global Settings).
  1. Go to CONTROL > Server.
  2. To trigger an immediate virus scanner update:
    1. In the Service Status section of the window, select and then right-click the virus scanner service.
    2. Select Update Pattern.
  3. To disable virus scanner pattern updates:
    1. In the Service Status section of the window, select and then right-click the virus scanner service.
    2. Select Disable Pattern Update.
    3. In the Disable Virus Scanner Update window, configure the following settings to specify how long the pattern updates should be disabled:
      • Disable permanently  To disable virus pattern updates permanently, select this check box.
      • hours/minutes/seconds – To disable virus pattern updates temporarily, specify in these fields how long to disable the updates.

    The Info column for the Virus Scanner service is then updated to state how long the pattern updates are disabled.

    When you disable pattern updates, the Disable Pattern Update option is renamed as Enable Pattern Update. To re-enable the pattern updates, right-click the Virus Scanner service and select Enable Pattern Update.

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