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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

This Firmware Version Is End-Of-Support

Documentation for this product is no longer updated. Please see End-of-Support for CloudGen Firewall Firmware for further information on our EoS policy.

How to Activate Network Changes

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After changing the configuration of the network subsystem, you must activate the new network configuration. Depending on whether the management IP address is also changed, the following options are available:

Network Activation Without Changes to the Management IP Address

  • Failsafe – A backup of the existing configuration is created, and the new network configuration is activated. If the connection to Barracuda NextGen Admin is established successfully after activation, the network activation is complete.  If it fails, the network configuration is reverted to the previously working state. During activation in Failsafe mode, the whole network system is shut down, and the firewall is briefly unreachable. Active connections may time out.
  • Force – In this activation mode, the new network configuration is activated without making a backup of the old configuration. If the new network configuration does not work, there is no fallback mechanism. During activation in Force mode, the whole network system is shut down and the firewall is briefly unreachable. Active connections may time out.
  • Soft – A soft activation is used to immediately activate IPv6 and VLAN network configuration changes. Unlike failsafe and force, a soft activation does not restart the network subsystem. Active connections continue uninterrupted. IPv4 networks changes activated with a soft network activation might be picked up by services such as the control service, which monitors the active network configuration. If changes are detected, these services might introduce other changes to the network configuration immediately. Network configuration changes that are not immediately introduced or detected after the soft activation require a reboot to complete. 

Network Activation with Management IP Address Changes

  • Activate now – Use this option when a management IP address has been changed. If there are multiple management IPs, you can either select them from the list or manually enter the IP address you want to connect to after the network activation. After the new network configuration has been activated, the firewall reconnects to the new IP address. During activation in this mode, the firewall is shut down and active connections may time out.

Activating Network Configuration Changes

  1. Go to CONTROL > Box
  2. In the left menu, expand the Network section and click Activate new network configuration.
  3. Select the desired activation mode.


 After activation, the network might briefly show an error state until all connections are established.

Activating the Network Configuration when a Management IP Address Changes

When a management IP address has been changed, the F-Series Firewall offers the Activate now option.

  1. Go to CONTROL > Box
  2. In the left menu, expand the Network section and click Activate new network configuration.
  3. Select Activate now.
  4. During activation, the firewall displays a 'Reconnecting' message:

After the process has finished, NextGen Admin attempts to connect to the new management IP address.

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