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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Control Center Events

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Events with identical Event-ID may be generated by multiple processes. Each process, which is responsible for event generation is characterized by an assigned Class and Layer-ID allowing for rough categorization.

The following Class- and Layer-IDs apply for categorization:

Layer IDs

  • 1: Boot Layer – Events that are generated during system boot-up.
  • 2: Box Layer – Events that are generated by a box service (controld, logd, …).
  • 3: Server/Service Layer – Events that are generated by a server/service process.

Class IDs

  • 1: Operative – Events that are related to the operative service of the system.
  • 2: Resources – Events that are related to system resources.
  • 3: Security – Events that are related to system security.

Because Class- and Layer-IDs are not attributable to exactly one Class or Layer, Class and Layer descriptions are not included in the list below. They can be learned from the Event Monitor interface. The example below shows a snapshot from the Event Monitor GUI. Entries with identical Event-IDs are highlighted. Have a look at the corresponding different entries in the Layer Desc column. 


A double-click on the event entries framed in red discloses that the first entry with Layer Description conf has Layer-ID 3 and Class-ID 2 assigned, whereas the second entry with Layer Description log has Layer-ID 2 and Class-ID 2 assigned.


The following events are defined on a Barracuda NextGen F-Series Firewall/Barracuda NextGen Control Center:

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