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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Google Cloud Platform Deployment

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The F-Series Firewall can be deployed to the Google Cloud Platform to secure and connect your cloud resources.

Deploy via Google Launcher

You can deploy the latest firmware version of the F-Series Firewall directly from Google Launcher. You must bring your own licenses (BYOL), PAYG images are not available.

For more information, see  How to Deploy the F-Series Firewall in the Google Cloud via Google Launcher.

Deploy via Command Line

The gcloud command in the Google Cloud SDK allows to to quickly deploy a NextGen Firewall image in the Google Cloud. Use the command line to deploy if you require a specific image that is no longer available in Google Launcher, or a multi-nic firewall used for segmentation in the Google Cloud.

For more information, see How to Deploy a NextGen Firewall in Google Cloud Using the Command Line and How to Deploy a NextGen Firewall with Multiple NICs in Google Cloud Using the Command Line.

Deploy two F-Series Firewalls in a High Availability Cluster in the Google Cloud

Deploy a NextGen Firewall F-Series High Availability cluster in the Google Cloud to ensure that your GCE resources are always available. For the backend servers to always use the active firewall instance as the default gateway, the Google route table is rewritten each time a takeover event occurs. Incoming traffic can be directed to the active firewall by either the Google Network TCP Load Balancer or UDP Load Balancer.

For more information, see High Availability in Google Cloud.

Manually Upload an Image and Deploy

If you need to deploy a firmware version of the F-Series Firewall that is not available through Google Launcher, you can manually upload and deploy the firewall images. The firewall images for each firmware version that is supported for Google Cloud is available in the Barracuda Download portal.

For more information, see How to Manually Upload and Deploy the F-Series Firewall in the Google Cloud.

Accessing the Serial Console in Google Cloud

The Google Cloud Platform allows to to enable and connect to the serial port of your firewall instance. This feature allows you to troubleshoot your F-Series Firewall in case of a misconfiguration in a interactive, web-based serial console.

For more information, see How to Access the Serial Console on the F-Series Firewall in the Google Cloud.

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