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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Barracuda NextGen- and CloudGen Firewall Appliances - EoS / EoL Definitions

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End of Sale (EoS)

Last order date for the product as well for all options associated to that product including any maintenance contracts, software subscription, content security subscriptions, etc. Please note that purchase of hardware maintenance subscription (Instant Replacement) covers up to the defined EoL date of the product. After the defined EoS date, hardware support packages are no longer available for purchase, nor for extension. Between the EoS date and the EoL date, software subscriptions (e.g., SSU, EU) and content security subscriptions (e.g., URL filter, antivirus) may be extended, but not beyond the EoL date. In case of a hardware failure after EoS date, customers may be required to transition to different hardware.

End of Life (EoL)

Last day of firmware support for this hardware and firmware product bundle including software subscriptions, content security subscriptions and any hardware maintenance subscription. Barracuda CloudGen Firewall firmware released after this date will no longer be tested nor supported on this hardware model and may not work. In case of a hardware failure after EoL date, customers may be required to transition to different hardware.

Barracuda CloudGen FirewallModel RevisionEoSEoLSuccessor Model
SC1Rev. A2020-04-302023-12-31SC2.1
SC2.0 - SC2.7Rev. Anot setnot set-
F10Rev. A2012-11-302017-11-30F12 Rev. A
Rev. B2016-05-312021-05-31F18 Rev A
F12Rev. Anot setnot set-
F18Rev. Anot setnot set-
F80Rev. A2019-10-312024-10-31F80 Rev. B
Rev. Bnot setnot set-
F82Rev. Anot setnot set-
F100Rev. A2012-09-302017-09-30F100 Rev. B
Rev. B2015-12-312020-12-31F80 Rev. A
F101Rev. A2012-05-312017-05-31F101 Rev. B
 Rev. B2015-12-312020-12-31F80 Rev. A
F180Rev. Anot setnot set-
F183Rev. Anot setnot set-
F183RRev. Anot setnot set-
F200Rev. A2012-12-312017-12-31F200 Rev. B
 Rev. B2013-07-312018-07-31F200 Rev. C
 Rev. C2015-12-312020-12-31F180 Rev. A
F201Rev. A2013-01-312018-01-31F201 Rev. B
 Rev. B2013-05-312018-05-31F201 Rev. C
 Rev. C2015-12-312020-12-31F180 Rev. A
F280Rev. A2015-09-302020-09-30F280 Rev. B
Rev. Bnot setnot set-
F3004 Ports2010-06-302015-06-30F300 Rev. A
Rev. A2013-06-302018-06-30F300 Rev. B
Rev. B2015-09-302020-09-30F380 Rev. A
F3014 Ports2010-06-302015-06-30F301 Rev. A
Rev. A2012-12-312017-12-31F301 Rev. B
Rev. B2015-09-302020-09-30F280 Rev. B (WiFi)
F380Rev. Anot setnot set-
F400Rev. A2013-05-312018-05-31F400 Rev. B
 Rev. Bnot setnot set-
F600Rev. A2011-04-302016-04-30F600 Rev. B
Rev. B2013-05-312018-05-31F600 Rev. C
Rev. C2019-10-312024-10-31F600 Rev. D
Rev. Dnot setnot set-
F800Rev. A2013-02-282018-02-28F800 Rev. B
Rev. B2017-03-312022-03-31F800 Rev. C
Rev. Cnot setnot set-
F900Rev. A2016-11-312021-11-31F900 Rev. B
Rev. Bnot setnot set-
F1000Rev. Anot setnot set-
Barracuda Firewall Control CenterModel RevisionEoSEoLSuccessor Model
C400Rev. A2017-02-282022-02-28Virtual or Cloud Editions.
C610Rev. A2017-02-282022-02-28Virtual or Cloud Editions.
Barracuda ModemEoSEoLSuccessor Model

M10 (3G/UMTS)




M11 (3G/UMTS)




M12 (3G/UMTS)




M30 (3G/UMTS)




M40 (4G/LTE, Europe & Asia)

not set

not set


M41 (4G/LTE, North America)

not set

not set

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