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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

VPN Group Policies for SSL VPN

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Rolling out VPN configurations to multiple devices per user can cause a very high overhead. By using VPN group policies, the VPN profiles are rolled out and managed automatically for CudaLaunch. Alternatively, the users can manually self-provision their device via the web portal. VPN configurations managed by CudaLaunch are automatically updated on the client devices when the configuration is changed in the SSL VPN. Clients provisioned manually via the web interface must reconfigure the VPN configuration on their devices.


VPN Group Policies

Upload a client-to-site VPN group policy and create a VPN template in the SSL VPN service. The VPN template can be restricted per user group.

For more information, see How to Configure VPN Templates in the SSL VPN. 

VPN Self-Provisioning

To configure the VPN clients on their desktop or iOS device, users can access the VPN templates through either the SSL VPN web portals or CudaLaunch. Clicking on the VPN template resource adds the VPN group policy to the VPN client installed on the device. Self-provisioning is supported for CudaLaunch, the Barracuda VPN client on Windows and macOS, and the built-in IPsec client on iOS through the web portal.

For more information, see Self-Service VPN Provisioning on Microsoft Windows, Self-Service VPN Provisioning on macOS, Self-Service VPN Provisioning for iOS Devices, and CudaLaunch.

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