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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

AWS Networking

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For your firewall VM to be integrated into the AWS network, you must configure routing and other AWS networking features.

Elastic Load Balancer

The Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) is a managed layer 4 load balancer used to distribute traffic to all healthy instances associated with the ELB. The ELB can be deployed as a public-facing load balancer or internally in your VPC. The load balancer continuously checks the health of the instances and takes unhealthy instances out of rotation.

For more information, see How to Configure an AWS Elastic Load Balancer for CloudGen Firewalls in AWS

Route 53

Use Route 53 if you are using UDP-based services or need to load balance multiple deployments in different regions. Routing policies allow you to define how traffic is distributed and which IP address is returned for a particular record set. Each record set can be associated with a heath check to ensure that only healthy instances are used.

For more information, see How to Configure Route 53 for CloudGen Firewalls in AWS.

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