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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

How to Create an Application Filter

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Application filters are objects that are dynamically updated to include applications based on category, risk, or properties. Applications that match the criteria of the application filter are automatically added to the application filter object.

Create an Application Filter

  1. Go to FIREWALL > Application Objects.
  2. In the Filter Based Application Objects section, click Add Filter Based Application Object.
  3. The Add Filter Based Application Object window opens.
  4. Customize the fields. Each time you make a change to one of the following parameters, the table below updates its content according to your selected parameters:
    • Name – Enter the name for your set of applications.
    • Description – Enter a description for your set of applications.
    • From Category, select an option that best describes the software category of your application.
    • From Properties, select the type of risk your software best complies to.
    • From Risk, select the level of risk. 1 means minimum and 4 means highest risk.
  5. After completing your selection, click Save.

Your own set of applications now shows in the table of List Based Application Objects.


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