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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Service Objects

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Service objects, when applied to an access rule, define which destination and client TCP/UDP ports and/or IP protocols that the service applied to the rule can use. By default, the firewall contains a set of preconfigured service objects. You can edit these service objects for a custom setup or a non-standard port, or you can create new service objects to reference IP protocols and, if TCP/UDP is used, the destination port numbers.

A service object can consist of the following:

  • IP Protocol – The required protocol (e.g., TCP) for the service used by an access rule.
  • Ports and Port Ranges – The ports or port ranges that the service can use for the protocol.
  • Dynamic Services – Dynamic services.

Create a New Service Object 

For instructions on how to create a new service object, see How to Create Service Objects.

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