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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Monitoring and Reporting

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The firewall offers multiple audit and reporting functionalities to help you monitor activities throughout your network.

Firewall Status

The firewall status view displays the overall traffic throughput of the firewall and provides an overview of blocked and allowed applications and connections. To access the firewall status window, go to Basic > Status. To display a specific time interval, click the time indicator on the top right of the Firewall Statistics element and select an option from the list. On the Status page, you can also view information about current license subscriptions, threats, used applications, connections, and users.

Traffic Monitoring

The Active Connections tab provides real-time information on all currently active network connections passing through the firewall. The Recent Connections tab shows all recent network connections. You can limit and modify the displayed network traffic data by using filters. The Application Monitor tab provides information on application traffic such as risk, category, source, and destination. The firewall can also supply information to Network Management Systems via SNMP v2c and v3.

For more information, see How to Configure the SNMP Service.

Logging and Reporting

On the Logs page, you can view and manage log entries for processes running on the firewall.

For more information, see Logging.

Barracuda Report Creator

The Barracuda Report Creator creates reports containing statistics and logs that are collected on the firewall, including user activities, applications, and URL categories.

For more information, see Barracuda Report Creator.

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