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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

How to Join a Windows Domain

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To successfully join the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall to a Windows domain, you must first configure DNS, Active Directory authentication, and NTLM authentication. Joining a domain is required for NTLM or MS-CHAP authentication requests to be accepted by the domain controller. This is important for Client-to-Site VPN access and user-based access rules.

Step 1. Configure DNS

Because many of the requests for a domain join and subsequent authentication must query the domain controller directly, you must specify your domain controllers in the DNS configuration.

  1. Go to NETWORK > IP Configuration.
  2. In the DNS Configuration section, enter the IP addresses of your first and second domain controllers.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Verify that the firewall has a host entry in your Active Directory. By default, the hostname is the product model name.

Step 2. Configure Active Directory Authentication

To configure Active Directory authentication:

  1. Go to USERS > External Authentication.
  2. Click the Active Directory tab.
  3. Add the information for your primary domain controller. It is critical that your settings are correct and match the domain.
    • If you want to use group selection with MS-CHAP authentication, enable Cache MSAD Groups.
    • For the domain join, you do not need to configure the settings in the Extended section.
    • Enter the Searching User as: user@domain

      Do not use domain\user formatting as this may cause problems with some Active Directory servers.

    For more details about the settings, click Help on the page.
  4. Click Save.

Step 3. Configure NTLM Authentication

To configure NTLM authentication:

  1. Go to USERS > External Authentication.
  2. Click the NTLM tab.
  3. Configure and save the NTLM settings.

    It is not necessary to have WINS running on your domain, but you must configure the WINS Servers setting.
  4. Click Save.

Step 4. Join the Domain

To join the domain:

  1. Go to USERS > External Authentication and open the NTLM tab.
  2. In the Windows Domain Username and Windows Domain Password fields, enter the credentials for a user account with permissions to join the domain (such as an administrator). These user credentials are not saved and are only used once during the join attempt.
  3. Click Join Domain.
  4. To verify that the join was successful, click Registration Status.
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