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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

How to Renew a Pool License

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When your pool licenses are renewed, they are automatically downloaded to the Control Center and thereby replace the old pool license. All managed firewalls using the pool license enter grace mode until the admin reassigns the license to all instances of the pool license. Note that the licenses are not assigned and updated automatically because a maintenance window is required to update the licenses. In addition, reassigning the licenses manually also safeguards against invalid licenses that either do not match the Control Center or that use invalid start / expiration dates. The licenses on the managed firewall must be reassigned before the two-week grace period expires.

Before You Begin

  • Renew your pool licenses.
  • The Control Center automatically downloads the new license.
  • All managed firewalls enter grace mode. Event 500 Invalid License is triggered for each of them.
  • Go to CONFIGURATION > Configuration Tree > Multi-Range > Global Settings > CC Identity and write down the CC Identifier.

Step 1. Verify the Pool License

Before updating the licenses on the Control Center, verify that the pool license was created for your Control Center and that the start and expiration dates of the license are correct.

  1. Log into the Control Center.
  2. Go to CONFIGURATION > Configuration Tree > Multi-Range > Global Settings > Pool Licenses.
  3. Double-click the renewed pool licenses. The Certificate View window opens.
  4. In the Barracuda section, scroll down and verify that the master matches the CC Identifier of the Control Center.
  5. Click Detail View.

  6. Verify that the start and expiration date match the license you purchased and that the start date is not in the future.

Step 2. Reassign the Pool License to the Managed Firewalls

Trigger automatic reassignment of the pool license for the managed firewalls to switch to the renewed pool license.

  1. Go to CONTROL > Barracuda Activation.
  2. In the Pool Licenses section, right-click the renewed pool license and click Reassign Licenses to Instances.
  3. Click Yes.
  4. Click OK.

Go to CONTROL > Pool Licenses to verify that the License State column is green for all managed firewalls that have received a license in the renewed pool license.

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