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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

This Firmware Version Is End-Of-Support

Documentation for this product is no longer updated. Please see End-of-Support for CloudGen Firewall Firmware for further information on our EoS policy.

Server Page

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The Server page lets you monitor and control virtual servers and services that are present on the Barracuda CloudGen Firewall. To access the Server page, open the CONTROL tab and click the Server icon in the ribbon bar.


Server Page

The Server page consists of three sections:

  • Server Status
  • Service Status
  • Security Subscription


Server and Service Status

The operating state of the servers and services is indicated by the following icons:

server_is_up_00.pngServer/service is up and running
server_blocked_00.pngServer/Service is blocked
server_stopped_00.pngServer/Service is stopped
server_disabled_00.pngServer/Service is blocked, stopped, or disabled because its server has been blocked, stopped, or disabled

Controlling Servers and Services

Servers and services are processes that run on the system level and are monitored by the system. In order to provide high reliability, special background processes follow the operation of servers and services and automatically restart them in case they are accidentally terminated. In addition, servers and services can also be controlled manually, e.g., for maintenance purposes.

To control a server or a service manually, you have the following options:

  • Block Server/Service – Stop the virtual server or service and prevent it from being automatically restarted.
  • Start Server/Service – Start the virtual server or service.
  • Stop Server/Service – Stop the virtual server or service. The control daemon automatically restarts the virtual server or service after a short period of time.
  • Restart Server/Service – Restart  the virtual server or service.

Server Status

The Server Status table displays the status of all available servers.


The following columns provide information on the virtual servers that have been introduced on your firewall:

  • ServerLists all servers and their status, HA partner (optional), and IP in a hierarchical tree.  Each defined server IP is listed below the IP node. Icons indicate the current status of each server.
  • Status / Status HA Partner The Status column displays the status of the server. If the system is part of an HA cluster, the Status HA Partner column displays the status of its HA partner. The columns can display any of the following statuses:
    • primary – Server is up and running, either as a single system or as the primary unit in an HA setup.
    • secondary – Server is up and running on the backup unit of an HA setup.
    • standby – Server is in standby and is waiting to take over if the HA partner goes down.
    • down – Server is not running, but is able to start automatically when triggered.
    • block – Server is blocked and unable to start automatically, even if the HA partner goes down.

      A blocked server must always be started manually.
    • disabled – Server is disabled due to virtual server monitoring configurations.

  • IP Addresses – Lists the IP addresses that the server listens on.

Service Status

The Service Status table displays the status of available services.


The following columns provide information on the services introduced on your firewall:

When evaluating a service status, always evaluate the current server status.

  • Server / Service – Lists servers and their services in a hierarchical structure. Icons indicate the current status of each service.
  • Num Proc – Displays the number of processes for each service.
  • Num FD – Displays the number of file descriptors used by the service processes.
  • Mem KB – Displays the total memory (exclusive and shared) used by the service processes.
  • Module – Displays the service name and icon.

Blocking/Starting/Stopping/Restarting a Server or Service

To control a server or service, select the server or service, optionally right-click on the selected server or service and left-click on Block/Start/Stop/Restart.



Security Subscriptions

The Security Subscriptions section displays the security features and provides subscription details.


The icons in the left column mean the following:

licensed_00.pngLicensed security feature
licensed_disabled_00.pngLicensed security feature that has been disabled
not_purchased_00.pngThere is no license for the specified security feature

Inside a subscription block, each feature is described by its individual attributes.

Blue keywords at the bottom of each subscription block indicate links that lead directly to the corresponding setup page.