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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

How to Activate and License the CloudGen Firewall via the Web Interface for the Virtual or Public Cloud

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After logging into the firewall, you must activate it by entering the license token. The license token will be sent to the Barracuda licensing server, which - after a validity check - sends back the license that will be installed on the firewall.

Before You Begin

During the activation of the license, your firewall will reboot.
  • Locate the license token in the email you received from Barracuda Networks Customer Services after purchasing your CloudGen Firewall Vx, AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure license.
  • You must have access to the virtual or public cloud instance of your firewall.
  • The firewall must be able to connect to the Barracuda licensing servers. To activate, the firewall must have access to api.bcc.barracudanetworks.com and bcc.barracudanetworks.com on TCP port 443.

Step 1. Request Your Serial Number to License Your Firewall

To license the firewall, you must enter the token you received.

  1. Log into your firewall.
  2. Go to BASIC > Status.
  3. Click License Token inside of the information box below the menu bar.
  4. (optional) In the Security Subscription Status section, click Please, enter license token.
  5. The registration window to Activate your appliance opens.
  6. Enter the License token and completely fill out the fields of the form.
  7. Click Send token.
  8. Wait until the firewall receives the serial number(s) from the Barracuda licensing server.
  9. After the firewall has received the license key, you will be informed in the registration window.
  10. Click Close.
  11. The firewall will restart in order to activate services associated with the valid licenses.
  12. When the login screen is displayed, log into the firewall again.

Step 2. Check the License Status

  1. Go to ADVANCED > Licenses.
  2. The Active Licenses section displays the licenses currently activated on the firewall. Active licenses are indicated by a green tick.
  3. Click + to see which modules are covered by the license.
  4. Scroll down in the window to see more details about Security Subscriptions.

(optional) Step 3. Reinstall or Renew your License

To reinstall or renew your license, download the current license stored on the Barracuda license server.

  1. To renew your license, go to BASIC > Status.
  2. In the Security Subscription Status section, click Query Barracuda Online for new Licenses.
  3. The firewall will connect to the Barracuda license server and download the current license.
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