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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall


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In addition to the base license, you can add the following subscriptions to use your firewall to its fullest extent:

Barracuda Energize Updates

This license is mandatory for every CloudGen Firewall for the first year. The following features are included with Barracuda Energize Updates:

Basic Support

Includes email support 24x7 and phone support between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday in the US (Pacific Time), Japan, China, Austria, and the United Kingdom time zones.

Firmware Maintenance

Includes new firmware updates with feature enhancements, bug fixes, and pattern updates for:

  • Application Control
  • IPS/IDS engine
  • SSL VPN template updates
  • File Content definition updates

Advanced Threat Protection

Enables ATP. A malware subscription license is required. The number of files you can upload per hour and per month is limited, depending on your firewall model. The number of files scanned is counted in the Barracuda ATP Cloud. If the local counter on your Firewall is reset by reinstalling the system, the local counter will be out-of-sync for the rest of the month. Limits still apply.

ModelBurst Limit (Files/Min)Files per Month
F12, F18, F80, F18x, F20x, F30x5108 000
F28010216 000
F38012260 000
F40015324 000
F60025540 000
F80035750 000
F900501 000 000
F1000on requeston request
AWS/Azure Level 25108 000
AWS/Azure Level 410216 000
AWS/Azure Level 615324 000
AWS/Azure Level 835750 000
VF25243 200
VF505108 000
VF10010216 000
VF25015324 000
VF50020432 000
VF100025540 000
VF200030648 000
VF400035750 000
VF8000501 000 000

Malware Protection

Enables the Virus Scanner service. This license is available for all CloudGen Firewalls. Not available for F10, F12, and VF10.

Barracuda Advanced Remote Access

Enables the SSL VPN service and NAC support. Remote Access subscriptions are available for the CloudGen Firewall F18 or larger and all CloudGen Firewall Vx and public cloud models. For PAYG CloudGen Firewalls in AWS and Azure, this subscription is automatically included.

Included SSL VPN Features
  • Browser-based access via desktop and mobile portals
  • SSL VPN-based, server-side NAC
  • VPN templates for SSL VPN
Included Network Access Client Features
  • Windows Personal Firewall
  • Windows Health Check via Access Control Service
  • iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS support  
  • Central management of accessible resources and VPN provisioning
User Session Limits
  • Unlimited concurrent SSL VPN user sessions
  • Unlimited concurrent CudaLaunch sessions
  • Multiple concurrent client-to-site VPN sessions by the same user when using VPN Group Policies

Barracuda Firewall Insights

The Barracuda Firewall Insights subscription enables a CloudGen Firewall to stream data for statistical analytics to the Barracuda Firewall Insights Server.

Instant Replacement Service

Instant Replacement service includes the following features:

  • Replacement unit shipped next business day
  • Enhanced support which provided phone and email support 24x7.
  • Hardware refresh every four years

Which subscriptions/features are available on which platform?

Feature sets and available subscriptions may differ from product type or platform. The following table provides an overview of which feature/subscription is available for which product.

Feature / Subscription


Hardware Virtual, SoftwarePublic Cloud

Energize Updates (e)
Mandatory for the first year. Includes Barracuda Web Filter.
Required Active Licenses: base

Available / Unlimited usersAvailable / Limited by capacity

Incl. in Service Subscription 1)
Limited by capacity

Malware Protection (m)
Enables the AVIRA/ClamAV antivirus service.
Required Active Licenses: e

Available / Unlimited usersAvailable / Limited by capacityNot available 4)

Advanced Threat Protection (a)
Enables Advanced Threat Protection to the Barracuda Cloud.
Required Active Licenses: e, m

Available / Unlimited users / Limited file uploadAvailable / Unlimited users / Limited file uploadNot available 4)
(formerly known as Basic Remote Access)
Incl. in Advanced Remote Access Subscription 2)Available / Limited by capacity

Incl. in Service Subscription 3)
Limited by capacity

Advanced Remote Access (vp)

Includes SSL VPN and enables the CudaLaunch app and multiple logins of one user.

Enables multi-factor authentication and two-factor authentication (firmware 8.x and higher).
Required Active Licenses: e

Available / Unlimited usersAvailable / Limited by capacity

Incl. in Service Subscription 3)
Limited by capacity

Firewall Insights (fi)

Activates Firewall Insights reporting service

  1. All cloud licenses include NAC&SSLVPN (former Basic Remote Access subscription).
  2. NAC&SSLVPN is part of the Advanced Remote Access subscription (ARA).
  3. PAYG licenses include Advanced Remote Access.
  4. PAYG licenses cannot be enhanced with add-on subscriptions (Malware, ATP).

All add-on subscriptions are termed licenses and are valid for the time purchased until the expiration date is reached. Only active subscriptions guarantee the functionality of the subscribed add-on features. Before exceeding the expiration date, licenses must be renewed in order to guarantee the functionality of the purchased add-on features. All add-on subscriptions need at least an active Base and Energize Updates subscription to work properly.

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