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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

Enterprise Licensing (Pool)

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Enterprise licensing (also referred to as pool licensing) allows you to manage your licensing of multiple firewalls independently.

Licensing Concepts

If the single instance (single box) licensing is considered as a vertical licensing concept in which all licenses are issued for one specific machine, pool licensing can be understood as a horizontal licensing concept in which one license is used for multiple machines. Barracuda Networks offers two types of enterprise licensing:

  1. Model-specific pool license
  2. Corporate-site pool license (user-based and for add-on security subscriptions only)

Model-specific pool licenses are handy when operating many firewalls of one specific model (e.g., the F280).

Corporate-site pool licenses can be used only for add-on security subscriptions, like Malware Protection, Advanced Threat Protection, Advanced Remote Access, and Firewall Insights. The machine itself will need an individual Base subscription and an Energize Updates subscription as a single or pool license. Corporate-site pool licensing requires an additional license agreement.

An overview of all available enterprise license subscriptions is given here:

Enterprise License Subscription

Model-Specific Pool

Corporate-Site Pool

Base License



Barracuda Energize Updates (incl. Barracuda Web Filter)



Malware Protection



Advanced Threat Protection



Advanced Remote Access



Barracuda Firewall InsightsYesYes

Possible Combinations of License Types

Customers may combine single and enterprise licensing, as shown here:


On a Control Center, you can use all types of licensing for your managed boxes. Therefore on a box it is possible to combine Single Licensing with Corporate Site Licensing and Pool Licensing with Corporate Site Licensing, but NOT Single Licensing with Pool Licensing.

Possible combinations are:

  1. Single + Corporate-Site License – Base subscription and Energize Updates subscription are single licensed and further subscriptions can be either single or corporate-site licensed.
  2. Pool + Corporate-Site License – Base subscription and Energize Updates subscription are pool licensed and further subscriptions can be either pool or corporate-site licensed.


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