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Barracuda CloudGen Firewall


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CudaLaunch is a Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android application that provides secure access to your organization's applications and data from remote locations and a variety of devices. In addition, CudaLaunch enables administrators to manage dynamic firewall rules and also integrates with the Barracuda VPN Client to connect via client-to-site VPN. The CudaLaunch portal's responsive interface is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices. For a list of supported devices, see Supported Browsers, Devices and Operating Systems. CudaLaunch is backward compatible with all firmware versions. It is recommended to install CudaLaunch from the platform's app store or marketplace to always use the newest version.

CudaLaunch for Windows and macOS

CudaLaunch offers secure access to resources made available on the CloudGen Firewall. Remote users can access firewall services and features and, with administrative permissions, enable or disable dynamic firewall rules. CudaLaunch is available for Windows and macOS via the Microsoft 10 App Store and the macOS App Store.

CudaLaunch for iOS and Android

CudaLaunch for mobile provides secure remote access to your organization's resources from mobile devices. CudaLaunch for mobile is available for iOS and Android devices via the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Both versions offer similar functionality.

For more information, see CudaLaunch for iOS and Android.